Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tahoe trip: skiing and stuff

Let me say that it was awesome! Full of exercise and good food!

I totally forgot how much I like skiing. Ok, I like it only when I am not cold and my hands are almost always cold so I rarely like it. But I was not cold at all so I had a blast.

The sleeping situation was not ideal, but I still managed to get to bed around 11pm each night.

It started on Sunday at 4:50am. I needed to get in a bike ride before I left. It was actually kinda cool, it was pitch dark out and no cars. NO cars, in LA! Sweet!
Then I spent the rest of the day on the bus. Yeah, we took a bus to Lake Tahoe. 9 hours. But it was ok, I used to take a bus from Paris to Bratislava, 19+ hours.

Monday was skiing day. But before hitting the slopes, I and one other girl (who is a triathlete by the way) went for a run. We met at 6am and ran to the recreation center. She dropped me off there because I wanted to swim. We had little problem finding the pool because it was dark and we did not see anything (interesting, it is already light at 6am in LA, but not in South Tahoe) so I did not manage to do the whole swim workout but I did as much as I could. Water was pretty warm, much warmer than outdoor pools as UCLA. I would never known that the water temperature can make such a difference. I felt so sluggish. And the pool was 25yards, and it felt so short:) Then I ran back to our lodge to quickly eat something and off to slopes. Total of 7 miles running and around 1000 yards swimming. And then the whole day skiing.
Everybody was required to take skiing class because school did not want to be liable if something happens to us. Since I am pretty good skier I was in an advanced class and the instructor let me do whatever I wanted, so I just skied. However, she gave me some feedback on my form, which was helpful. It will not help me to go faster, but I will definitely look better on a slope.
I was pretty tired by the evening, because run, swim, run, skiing. That's a lot:)

On Tuesday I got up again before 6 and met with that girl. But this time I ran only 2 miles to the gym for bike workout. I got a trial membership, so I did not have to pay:)
Bike workout was kinda hard, some hard and big gear intervals and my legs were pretty tired and I felt that they were starting to get sore by the end. But they loosened up when I was running back to the lodge. I was surprised how easy running felt. I thought that it will be pure torture, but no. Those long bricks I did over summer because of boredom are paying off:)
Tuesday was snowboarding day for me. I am a very good skier but very poor snowboarder. I usually ski when I am at home and take snowboard with me very rarely. I ski with my father and he is freaking fast so I cannot snowboard because then I would be too slow for him. The last time I used it was maybe 3 years ago. However, my sister sometimes snowboards because she thinks that it is cooler than skiing, which is not! But we both are self-learners so we are not very good at it. So I figured that I will take a snowboarding class and maybe learn something useful.
And I did. It is all about keeping your weight on your front leg! So easy. I thought that Tuesday would be a day of hundreds of falls but nope. I did not fall that much and at the end even managed to ride not the beginners slope but the slope for more advanced. Cool. Now I only need to keep practicing.
However, my legs are so freaking sore now. They were sore yesterday and they still are today. Not so much my right leg, but my left leg (which is my front snowboarding leg) is sore. I do not remember the last time I was really sore. I think that it was after the marathon last year in November.
But I think that after running for 2 miles, then pretty hard biking workout, 2 miles running back and then couple hours of snowboarding and all that back to back, I have a right to be little sore, don't I?

We did not ski/snowboard on Wednesday because he needed to get back to LA:(
Too bad because weather was gorgeous on Wednesday. We did not a great weather on Mon and Tue so that was a little bummer.

Btw, I like this time of a year. It is just the end of semester and I am done with school, so I feel free and careless. Awesome feeling. It is only 7pm and I have nothing to do!
(Ok, I should start packing since I need to ship my things to Michigan and I still need to figure out visa thing but at least school is off my shoulders.)

I did an easy 7.5 miles today and felt great to be running in t-shirt and shorts again. Tahoe was cold. But I better not get used to Cali weather because mountains in Slovakia will be little chillier:(

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