Saturday, December 18, 2010

Are you kidding me??? This is not Cali weather!

It has been raining two days in a row now! It is not fun! One more day of this and I might be ready to leave this place!

Today was another bike workout in the rain. I woke up and it was raining pretty hard so I decided to wait till it calms a bit. But by 1pm I was already crawling out of my skin so I decided to go out anyway.
I was soaked 10min into a ride. Not only that my bike weights like 30pounds, now also my pants and shoes weighted a ton.

Hill repeats were on plan today. Only 3 of them but I worked hard and it hurt. Especially the last one, I was panting and legs were burning. Good workout. Although I managed only 177 HR on the first one, 178 on the second and 181 on the last one. I would have thought that my HR would be higher but since biking is different from running it might be ok. Isn't biking awesome, you sit on your but and you exercise:)

Although the rain and fog made it pretty unenjoyable and I was worried that I might et hit by a car. There were more cars than I imagined there would be and because of the fog I don't think they could not see me that well eventhough I was wearing reflective vest and had a rear blinking light. But it might have been my last outdoor bike ride for this year so I am trying to persuade myself that 1h45min in a rain is better than it will be for the rest of the winter- home trainer.

I have learnt that I should get good bike shorts because now that I am trying to consciously increase my RPM, good shorts (or better good saddle) really makes a difference.

I hope it does not rain tomorrow because I have so many things to do outside- swim, run, strip down and donate my bike (I was sad when I had to sell my bike in France, but this time I am happy to get rid of this torture machine. I should really get something better next time), buy all the things I promise I would bring home and who knows what else.

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  1. Well isn't that nice that you took your bike out for a hill session as your last one with it! I'm sure the bike appreciated the torture. :)

    And you can expect your max HR on the bike to be lower than your max on the run. Sometimes 8-10 beats! Has to do with the weight-bearing aspect of the run. Your swimming HR (if you can measure it) is typically even lower than biking at the same exertion level, which makes sense since swimming in not weight bearing at all.

    And I thought you were likely hard core before, but now I really believe it. Nice job biking in the rain. We do it all the time around here.