Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ITB troubles

I have not been writing about my ITB lately. It is because it has not been bothering me that much lately.
That's probably because I did not run over 30 miles/week in past two months(?) or so.
Or I just try to pretend it does not exist. But can't do it anymore.

I do not need a watch or mile markers for easy runs, ITB is enough. Once I hit 7.5 miles, bum, it starts to act up.
I wanted to run 8 miles last week but had to stop somewhere after 7.5miles.
I had 10 miler planned today (it rained, so I was wearing the waterproof jacket and baseball cap for like 10min, then I threw it into garbage, I do not think it helped because my hair is all wrinkled now), but again had to stop after 7.5 miles. When I get to roughly 7.5 miles I start to feel something on the outer part of my right knee. I stop for a second, twinkling stops, I start running but after couple dozens meters it is back.
Maybe I could continue running and nothing bad will happen. But what if something bad happens?!? Maybe I am a wimp and should risk it and continue running. But I am just not ready for that. I would rather cut my runs short than having to take a month off as it was the case for past year and a half.

I know that 30miles/week does not really fit into my quest of becoming a distance runner and 70.3 triathlete and I wonder how far (read FAST) 30miles/week can get me.

Maybe I should try to do doubles for my long runs, if the problem is the high mileage (aka 7.5+ miles)all at once, doubles might work. Like 7 miles in the morning and 3+ in the evening. That way I might be able to get mileage in at least although "single" would be better.

Btw, do you know how hard it is to drag 70pound suitcase for over 1 mile to post office? It is hard. Sometimes I wish I was less independent and actually ask people for help (my roommate to drive me there).


  1. I'm sure you've done everything...but the foam roller helped me TONS when I had ITB issues. Ice massage, too.

  2. I have indeed done everything:(
    Foam roller is my best friend now, we are so close that I am taking it home with me eventhough it takes up half of my suitcase:)

  3. Sorry about the ITB. Sucks that it keeps coming back. Do you do knee strengthening exercises as part of the "everything"?

  4. I did them but then I have started to feel invincible again and started to slack on them...I need to start again.