Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This week is strange

I mean really. Xmas is in not even two days and I do not feel like it at all. I am not a huge Xmas-spirit"ed" person but still, I am usually looking forward to it (it=food and some presents). But not this year (there will be hardly any presents since my sister won't be at home. She always buys me presents. But there will be good food. Which is not that great because I realized today that I am gaining weight. I have never cared about my weight that much but I maybe should start a little bit. Fat and running 30miles/week, what kind of a distance runner am I?:))))).
It is probably because I am still in the US and did not have chance to participate in any Xmas preparations (which however is a good thing. I do not like helping with baking and cooking. This year will be awesome, I arrive home to the finished meal and set table:))

Another thing is my training. This week has been a bad training week so far and it is very likely to continue. I only did 2 runs (7.5 yesterday, 2 miles today so see how ITB feels. It felt good. So I can run more) and one bike workout (that one was hard. Big gear intervals. I loved it). I am going to do another run tomorrow morning (I am hoping it will tire me and I will be able to sleep during my flights) and then few miles and strides on Saturday. (There is no way I am doing something on Friday after West Coast-Europe flight)
And I have 5k race in less than 4 days and I have not even start thinking about it! But I am doing it more for fun than for anything else.

I just want this week to be over and be in my usual routine, although I know that being home won't make it really possible.

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