Thursday, December 9, 2010

One of those days

At first I am going to complain a little and then show you what a dumba$$ I was today.

You remember how I was saying how annoying not knowing which continent I will be at in one month is? That's nothing compared to what it is like NOW. Apparently nobody realizes how difficult and long it is to get permission to apply for internship visa. At least nobody in the company I am supposed to work for realizes it. It has been almost two weeks now that they keep telling me that somebody needs to approve my contract. I already told them couple times that if they want me to start working in February (they wanted me to start in January...keep dreaming) I need to submit the paperwork like a WEEK AGO!
Other thing is that during summer company was very nice, they paid for my apartment (although my salary was very low then) and they paid also for my visa permission application. This time, I was told that they can't do any of that:( And that visa thing costs 1118Euros! And I will be in Slovakia, so how am I going to find a place to live that is close enough that I can actually use a bike (in winter in Michigan) to get to work? Although I do not know yet what salary they can offer to me (because it still has not been approved!!!) I don't think that it will be high enough so I can afford to pay for visa permission and buy a car. I hope they plough snow there.
And also my school is giving me hard time because they are all like, yeah, we want you to get experience and work in the U.S. but before you can do that you need to give us this and this and this and we need to approve this and this and that and it all needs to be done by the end of this year otherwise you can't do an internship and you need to come back to school! And of course I cannot submit any of those documents since I do not even have a permission to apply for visa and nobody replies to my emails because they are, well, French. Unless you send them like 5 emails a day and call 10x a day, they won't bother.

So this is not annoying, it is stressful.
Maybe I should just do nothing for couple months and then go back to school to take some stupid class about Energy something management or Luxury goods because that's all they have offered to me.

And on the top of that some of my other dreams got crashed this morning:(((

So I figured it was time to cheer myself up and go use that $10 gift card I have to Sports Authority. I don't have any gloves and I need gloves for skiing because it seems I don't have any veins in my fingers and my hands are always like popsicles. But you know what? I forgot that gift card at home! What an idiot! But it was not that tragic because they did not have any gloved for under $20 anyway because $10 is max I can afford.

So I decided to go to a different store and they had gloves for $10:) Ok, I know I might regret that when I will be crying on a skiing slope because my hands will be frozen but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures. It sucks being a student.
But they also had pull buoys on sale and I desperately need one. So I got one. Whatever.

Then I went running. I biked to trail. I got there and went to lock my bike when I realized that I forgot my keys! Oh, no. How am I going to get to the apartment because my roommate was at work? And since I did not have a key I could not lock my bike. So I turned around and went home. I was half way home when it hit me. I biked to the trail, not walked as usual and I had tied my keys to my shoelaces. So I turned back to go to the trail.
It is confirmed, I am a mess today.

But my 4miler and strides was fun.

And I am making progress with my parents. You know how "supportive" my mom is about my running but I decided to teach her to get used to the idea that I am a runner/triathlete and that I need to train. So today I skyped to her and ask what the plan was before we leave for the mountains and when we are leaving. And she said that it also depended on me and my plans. So I told her that I should do a swim workout at least once before we head to the middle of nowhere. And you know what? She told me that she would find out when the pool is open! Unbelievable! Ok, I am not sure that she will actually do that but still, unbelievable.
But I am still sure that if I had told her that I need to do a running workout she would not have offered to check track open hours...She likes swimming but she is persuaded that running is very very BAD.

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  1. Wow, what a day. I'm sorry your parents aren't all that supportive. At least she like swimming!