Saturday, December 4, 2010

My future is starting to be little bit clearer

You know how annoying it is not knowing which country (or let's make it even more annoying and say which continent) you are going to live in in a month?
(I know, most people will love to have my problems because it means that they get to travel. But no, it really is annoying.)

So I had this interview this morning and we basically agreed that I am going to come back to Michigan in February and do an internship until May. I HOPE THEY WILL NOT CHANGE THEIR MIND!!!
But I need to talk to HR now and get them to put a real offer on table.
I talked to them at the beginning of this week and they did not know exactly what they can do for me. The only thing they knew was that they cannot help me with housing like they did in summer. It sucks! Big time. My apartment last summer was amazing and they were paying for it. Now I will have to find something myself and I am sure I will not be able to afford anything even close to what I had in summer. So not only will I be the crazy European girl that does not have a car and ride a bike to work, but I will probably be the crazy European girl who lives under the bridge.
The other thing is whether I will get a permission from immigration office to do the internship and then will I get visa? Although theoretically there should not be a problem, you never know. Because this will be the third!!! time within one year that I will ask for visa, and all of them in a different country. Maybe the consulate will find it a little bit suspicious...

But overall I am pretty excited about it! Although I have already got used to the idea that I am going to spend over 3 months at home doing nothing but running, biking, swimming and writing my thesis. Which sounds pretty sweet, does not it? And now I have to work? Boooo.
But I prefer doing the internship because with the first scenario I would have to go back to school for 3 months after 3 months of doing nothing. And I do not like school. I was also very excited about the idea that I can run for my old club. I am still going to spend the whole January at home, therefore do the regional championship (3000m indoors) but will not be able to do nationals (If I would qualify). And I was really looking forward to a lot of running and biking and swimming training. Now I would have to combine it with work...Oh well, better get use to it, because once I graduate in June it will be only work work work.

I did not run today. I did not want to. I am still persuaded that the ITB will get screwed during that 10k on a road and I am not taking any chances to make it even weaker by running 5 days in a row. So I only biked for 80min (that's like nothing I know but I was instructed to do such a short ride bsince it was my first ride in over a month. I do not consider my commute to school a bike ride.)


  1. Wow, god luck with the job!
    Thank you for all your knowledge about the IT stuff. I am going to email you...because I have lots of questions!

  2. Good luck with everything, mostly with immigration. You'll make things work no matter what!

  3. Thanks AM! Let's hope.

    @ Keri: monika DOT najselova AT mailhec DOT net

  4. Ooooh... biking in Michigan through the winter, Awesome. lol. Do you have a bike trainer?

  5. Obviously I do not have a bike trainer, since I am in California:) But I will get one once I am in Michigan.
    I had a bike trainer (in my dorm room!!! People though I was little bit crazy) when I was in Paris but sold it before I came to the US.

    I will also have to buy a new bike there because I am getting rid of this one (not worth it shipping it to MI). Maybe I will get a $200 bike this time around...