Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What a workout!

I had an ONE-interval workout today. Sweet!

Of course it was a 4k interval but it was sweet anyway.
This workout should give us an idea where I stand and what I can reasonably expect on Saturday, but still it was supposed to be in 15:46 - 16:15 range. So basically somewhere between 6:17ish and 6:29ish pace. Easy no?

To make it even easier, I mentally split in into 2x1mile + half a mile. I wanted to do 6:24, 6:20 and then 800 under 3:10. The strategy went out of a windown when I went through first 800 in 3:05. But I managed to slow down and settle in a nice right pace. I did 6:18, 6:21, 3:09 for a total of 15:48. If felt pretty easy. The last 600m started to feel little bit harder but still a nice controlled effort.
What a nice confidence booster! But me being me...I am not sure whether I can keep such a pace for 10k. But excitement and adrenaline should get me there. Plus I should feel like a wet noodle at the finish line, right?

Now I have two days to chill and get ready!

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