Monday, December 6, 2010

I am dead serious about this

I am leaving for skiing trip at Lake Tahoe on Sunday morning and coming back on Wednesday. But that does not mean that I will not do my training! I emailed the trip coordinator and asked for the exact address of a place we are staying at. She responded back asking why I need that information. Because I am 26 years old and want to know where we are going, duh! No. I told here I was in the middle of the training and need to check out running routes, pool and a gym with a stationary bike. She eventually sent me the address saying that it was pretty cool (my training).

So I was able to check out running routes and some fitness centers. I found a pool where I can go in the early morning. I also found a fitness center where they have stationary bike and signed up for a free 7-day trial:)
And running routes: no dirt trails nearby:( I do not want to run on roads!!! I can't run on roads! Especially not after 10k when I will have to be extra careful. There is a bike path nearby, maybe I can run on grass by the path? I hope so.

I had swim workout and an easy run today.
Swim workout was not easy. I mean it was easy but I was not able to hit my paces:( I do not know how to pace myself. I think I am doing fast enough, but no. And once I try not to kick like crazy and use mostly my arms, I slow down. I also got to use paddles for warm up. That was interesting. My poor arms.
But I did couple 100s and if someone had told me only two weeks ago that I would be able to swim couple 100s, I would not have believed. But yeah. So I am proud of myself:)

I did an easy 6 miler afterwards. I was instructed to check my pace and wear a HRM so we can somehow figure out my max HR. My average was 170 and I was going 7:45 pace (4:49/km pace). I did my best to not get influenced by being hooked up to all sorts of gadgets:) I suppose that wearing a Garmin is a good thing, because I got to practice pushing a right button. And I did it:) Hopefully I can repeat this on Saturday.


  1. Spoken like a true triathlete. I always check out pools before I go travel somewhere too. :)

    Nice job on that swim! And your HR on that run means nothing until we compare it to what your HR/pace is tomorrow on your fast 4K... even then, that's not a real test, but we should get a decent estimate that we can use to establish your zones.

  2. Have a nice trip! Good luck!