Sunday, December 19, 2010

What to do, what to do?- Thoughts progression

It is raining the third day in the row and I am sitting at my desk contemplating what to do.
Bike to school, do a swim workout at the outdoor pool, defrost in hot shower, then ride back, defrost, change to dry cloths, ride bike to the trail, do a 10 miler, ride back, defrost in hot shower.

Or I can skip that and go directly into doing the "important" stuff = cleaning the bike, laundry, shopping, packing.

I will give it few more minutes and then I shall see.

Shoot, I just remembered that I still have cloths in my locker at school so I need to bike there anyway. Now I really can't find any excuses not to swim since I will be there.

Nobody/nothing can make me to go out again (unless it stops raining, then I might reconsider). I am freezing.
I biked to school to get my things from locker room and it magically stopped raining on my way there. I was thrilled. But I should have known that it was only a calm before storm. I started my swim workout and it in the middle of it it started pouring cats and dogs (or dogs and cats, do not know which one is correct). I finished the swim because, well, I was wet anyway and it was warmer in the water then outside anyway.
I took a warm shower (we don't get really hot showers there) and mentally prepared myself for ride back. It did not help, I was still coursing everything and everybody. I got splashed from all directions- rain from the top, rain splashing from under my wheels from bottom, and rain splashed on me from sides by cars (this only confirms what I already know- 70% of American drivers should not drive at all. When there is a huge puddle on a road and someone walking/riding a bike on a side of a road, you slow down so you do not splash the water all over the person, right? The Americans do not know this however.)
I was totally soaked and cold by the time I got home. But since I was already wet, I decided that I am going to strip the bike.
Imagine taking wheels/tires and all gadgets (lamp, computer, clips...) down in pouring rain. Not fun. I still did not manage to take off the rear tire because I was getting too impatient, nervous, too cold and wet and it just would not come off. (I am throwing bike out/donating it, but want to ship tires to Michigan) I need to calm down and try it later because if I continue trying it would end in a disaster.
I took a hot shower and put on all cloths I could find.

That being said, 10 miler is not gonna happened. I promised Skittles to my cousin, that's not gonna happen either because I am not going to store. I promised a perfume for Xmas to my mom and grandma. Not gonna happen. I wanted to buy Yaktraks not gonna happened. I am just going to stay in my room and enjoy being dry and warm.

(I know that eventually I need to go get that tire but I do not want to think about it)

This will be the first time I will consciously skip the run since I started working with my coach in May :(((

Apparently I would do anything just to postpone packing. I hate packing.
One would say that I am used to it by now, but no. I had to pack everything I had in Paris in May and move it to Slovakia, then the same day I arrived to Slovakia I packed the most essential things and moved to Michigan, in September again packed everything and moved it to Cali and now I need to pack everything again and move it somewhere. This packing-everything-thing is actually pretty easy because I do not have to think what I need, I just need to pack everything I have and make sure it does not exceeds checked baggage limit. And it is even easier now because I decided to ship my suitcase to Michigan instead of taking it with me to Slovakia so I do not care about weight. Sweet. However, if I get stuck in Slovakia or France, then I will have to pay for shipping the suitcase from Michigan...I am going to risk it anyway.

Btw, I got that tire off and I can try to fit in into the suitcase now. However I did not have energy to put the old tires on, I hope it does not rain tomorrow and I can do it in the morning. If it does rain, I might just leave that stupid bike and wheel frames and tires on a sidewalk with a note TAKE ME. Can I do it?

I also sucked it up and went to CVS to get some presents. I know, CVS is not an ideal place for buying Xmas presents, but whatever, I am not a huge holiday spirit person so deal with it. They did not have Skittles my cousin wanted but I got Eggnog for my parents. If that bottle breaks in my bag tomorrow, I will be super pissed.

Anyway, wish me luck and safe trip. Hopefully it will be better than my flight here when I got stuck in Amsterdam for two days. I have a very strong suspicion that the history might repeat itself considering the weather in Europe. Except that this time I will get stuck in Paris. I know that Orly airport canceled several flights today, so let's hope that CDG is better prepared for snow if there is any on Tuesday.
And since my dad does not work next week, he agreed to come pick me up in Vienna. Sweet. I do not have to take a bus. And then another bus. And then one more.

I am going to pack now. I am really sad that I am leaving. I liked it here a lot.

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