Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I did 80min bike ride today with avg power 155 and avg HR 146.
First 40' with 5min warm up was P 152 and HR 141, second 40' P 158 and HR 146.

How awesome is that? This is huge for me:)
When it was 55min into the ride and I was pushing power in 160s with HR 147-149 I actually stopped and went to get my other heart rate monitor because I thought that the one I was using was broken:) But no, also the other one was showing the same HR.
Times when I was pushing 140 watts with HR 150 are forgotten. I hope:)

It seems that my biking is coming along (well, the aerobic stuff. FTP/trashhold is a different story, but there is no need to work on that just yet. I have enough time for that next year, right?) as well as swimming. Huge improvements from last year.
Now I just need to fix ITB issue and start working on my run too. Grrrr!

I am off to 1000s pool workout now. I know that it is not the best idea to do it after bike. I wanted to do the ride in the morning but when I was still lying in my bed awake at 11:15pm, I turned the 5:30am alarm off and decided to get more sleep.


I had a great swim.
3x1000 yards, first warm up, and then two strong/steady, the third one faster than the second one.
1st 500 8:37 2nd 8:35 total: 17:12 pace 1:43
1st 500 7:38 2nd 7:34 total: 15:12 pace 1:31
1st 500 7:34 2nd 7:30 total: 15:04 pace 1:30.5

Nice improvement. And all with negative split. I started strong, then tried to keep it steady and then picked it up in last 400.
The last 400 I told to myself, it is only 2x200 in 3:00, easy-peasy, I can do that.
It actually was not that hard. I was able to lift my arms to wash my hair afterwards:)
Next time I do this workout, sub-15min it is.

Also funny thing is that I rarely forget something when I go swimming. I have never forgotten goggles or swim suit or towel. I occasionally forget a band. And I have forgotten swim cap three times. And all three times for 3x1000 workout, which I did 4 times so far. Isn't that weird? I must be so excited for this workout that I am not thinking clearly beforehand:)

I honestly think that todays great workouts are due to what I ate today. I was basically hooked up on sugar.
* I do not eat like this every day. Only occasionally but that then it is really bad.*
Breakfast: Soy milk with oatmeal, cereals, frozen strawberries
Snack @10ish: some kind of sesame bars (worth of 1500 calories...I just checked the packaging)
Lunch @ noon (we had company Xmas lunch today, yummy): salad, turkey with little bit of pasta, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccolli, dinner roll. 1 piece of cheesecake, 1 piece of cherry pie, 1 piece of pumpkin pie, countless amount of small pastries
Snack @4: frozen strawberries (well, thawed)

So a lot of sugar, thus I had enough energy for the workouts.

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