Friday, December 16, 2011

Desk clean up and moving

I had a sticker at my desk at work that had

on it. So I can stare at it and burn it into my brain. Some mental tricks I picked up from Ana-Maria:)

Those were rough estimates of what I wanted to do in Mont Tremblant in August. I threw the sticker away today because I do not need it anymore. Isn’t that just sad?

But my boss was at Frankfurt Christmas Market (talk about war zone. Frankfurt Xmas fair is over 600 years old and it is unbelievably popular and thus crowded. I have never been there but so I have heard) last week and she brought me some awesome German Xmas cookies! So that should help me get over this IM business:)

I am also doing some last minute gear shopping. You know, the Stick, tri shorts, goggles, swim suit. Because when something costs 20 Dollars here, it costs 20 Euros in Europe and although Euro is going down badly, it is still cheaper to buy stuff here. Plus you can find good deals here, whereas in Slovakia, not so much.
I think that I am also packing home trainer with me. I bought the thing for $20 (or maybe $50, I do not remember. It is not the best trainer ever but it does the trick for me) and there is no way I can get deal like that in Slovakia.

So basically, I am taking with me all the training gear/cloths and leaving all normal stuff at Goodwill:) Because I am going to spend more time using the training gear than I am normal cloths. My mom and dad would be so happy when they see my suitcase:)
And then when I have to come back to the US (keep your fingers crossed), I will just leave all that in Slovakia and buy new stuff here.
At first I was thinking abotu taking only 1 luggage, the bike with bunch of other stuff packed there and just pay overweight fee. But now I cannot have bike frame and home trainer in one case (metal to metal, that would be so bad) so I am bringing two pieces of luggage and it will be still worth it.

I hate moving! You might be surpirsed to hear that since in last 3 years I moved from the US to Slovakia, spent a summer there, moved to France for a year, then moved to Slovakia for summer, then moved back to France for a year, then went to Michigan for summer, then hauled everything to California, then hauled everything back to Michigan, and now I am moving back to Slovakia. Exciting, isn't it?:) Not so much if you really have no "base camp" where you can leave all your cloths etc. Sure, there is some of my stuff at my parents house (although I told my parents to get rid of it but it seems that my mom won't let go and thinks/hopes that one of her little babies will come back home:) And geez, why that must be me?), but it is not like a few hours drive to get something I need or go store something there. So basically I always have to pack all my belongings into a suitcase or two because I cannot buy everything new every 6-12 months I move from country to country. I wish I could though.
Although I hate moving and all the hassle, I really want to go to work in Germany in spring for a few months and then come back to the US. I hope it works out. Germany would be super awesome!!! Sure, I have no idea how it works there when you need to find an apartment, open a bank account (I already have bank accounts in three different countries), pay taxes (I also pay taxes in those three different countries, so one more won't make a difference, xoxo) but it would be super cool. I probably won't be able to have a super exciting conversation with anyone for few weeks (unless it is about invoices, sales, purchase orders etc because that's all I talk about at work and thus my German vocab is slightly biased into that direction) but still, it would be super awesome!

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