Friday, December 23, 2011


My Christmas tree:

Nice, isnt' it? Ok, it is not my Xmas tree. I do not have a tree. But if I had one, it would look like that.

I have never spent Xmas alone. I once spent Xmas with my bf at college and last year I spent most of the Xmas Eve on a plane and then at the airport in Amsterdam but then I was still able to stuff my face with potatoes salad, fish and pastries at 10pm after I got home.

Actually I am going to a friend's house for dinner tomorrow so it is not like I am totally lame doing nothing for holidays.
Since I am not a huge cook I decided to bring a wine to tomorrow's dinner. And I figured that it won't be appropriate to buy something at the gas station or that weird hispanic store where I buy most of my groceries, so I did a nice (long) walk to Trader Joe to get something. I do not know anything about wines so I just bought the third one from the left on a second self. Hope it is drinkable.

But the dinner should be nice. It is interesting because in Slovakia Xmas dinner is usually family matter whereas here people go to parties, invite friends for dinner etc. So that's little different.

Other than that nothing going on. Yesterday was my last day at work and I have nothing much to do next week so I am going to put in a huge training week!!!

Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. Merry Christmas! Yes, agree about Christmas in Europe, all about the family. We celebrate on the 24th, and then see people on the 25th. Nice not to be alone. I spent many Christmases alone when I first got to the US. It gets better:)

  2. I am enjoying this. I miss good food of course but everything else is great:)