Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lots of changes coming up

There is quite a lot of going on now. Mostly bad stuff, but that's nothing new these days.

I sold my road bike today and reserved a flight ticket home. I am going to buy a round trip ticket with return in the middle of August because I am hoping to come back for school. Actually I am still hoping for a job later in the year because there is still some hope (working in Germany for some time and then they send me to the US on an assignemnt) but I am not going to count on that one bit. And of course I am going to keep looking for a job elsewhere as well.

I have decided not to do Ironman Mont Tremblant next year. I want to but I have been thinking about it for few days now and not doing it is for the best. There are couple reasons for that.
My messed up ITB is the big one. I do not think that I can get it well enough to train adequately to perform well and IM training and racing would probably end up messing it up even more.
Another reason is that I will be a self-coached athlete next year, at least for several months. There is no drama going on, I love my coach and think that she is great, it is for pure financial reasons. Being unemployed student in eastern Europe means that I just can't afford a coach. Bummer, but what can I do? Hopefully I can find a coach once I have some money coming in and I will still have time to join ITU circiut before 2016:)
Those of you that read my ramblings probably know that I know very little about triathlon and I have no idea what I am doing. I used to be a runner and I have tried to train myself for marathon and that's when all this mess with ITB started. So can you imagine what I would do to myself if I tried to train myself for Ironman? I will probably kill myself, especially since I can train full-time for next 4-5 months.
But if you know someone who enjoys tri coaching just for the joy of it and wants to help me, send them my way:)

I am going to stick to Olympic distance for next year. Logically, shorter distance = less damage I can do to myself:)
My plan is swim a lot lot lot (that's what you need to do for draft-legal Oly races, right? You need to be an uber swimmer. I will look up some Oly dist workouts and swim swim siwm. I looked up some results in Slovakia and it seems that every woman that does triathlon there is an awesome swimmer and then some fall apart on a bike and everyone falls apart on a run. So I know that I would have to swim at least 22min to be in contention in these races in Slovakia. There is very little chance that I can swim that fast next year, but consistency and mileage counts for the future), do some hard bike rides/increase my lactate treshold (although I am not sure yet how to do that either, lot of research to do) and I will let PCC craft me into a kick-ass runner:)

I was thinking about selling my tri bike as well and getting a good road bike. Oly races in Slovakia are all draft-legal but since I am hoping to make it back to the US soon, I am going to keep the bike. I can still sell it in Slovakia if I decide to and cover the cost of transport because bikes there are much more expensive.
Once I am in Slovakia, I might try to look into "converting" P2 into a road bike. You know, getting road bike handles bars and just switch that and ride the tri bike in a road bike set up.

So that's it. Sounds like a plan?

Ok, maybe it is not a real plan yet but I am still working on it.


  1. I think you should apply to be coached for free by Jennifer Harrison. You have such a compelling story.
    I like that you have a plan. You are very flexible in your thinking and easily adjust. This makes for a super athlete.

  2. Oh, and you should apply for the E21 sponsorship. I can tell you more over email.