Thursday, December 1, 2011

One year anniversary and bullet points

- 1 year ago I finally pulled the trigger. One year ago Michelle started to carve me into a triathlete. I would say that she is doing pretty good so far.

- some people from the club have decided to start Push-ups challenge. I did 100 Push-ups challenge last year in spring and after 5 weeks I bagged it because it got too difficult, I took 1 week of to recover and then I never got back to it.
I ddi the initial test today and it 36 push-ups. Am I pathetic or what? I need to start a pull-up challenge as well because I can do like 1 probably:)

- two law schools gave me application fee waiver. Next week I should know from few other schools about the waiver. Maybe I will be able to apply to more than 3 schools after all!

- I should receive my relocation financial assistance in next two weeks and then I should start planning my move to my new home. It is hard work to move 2 suitcases and 3 bikes:) Although the job is not 100% yet. Until I have stamp in my passport and contract in my hand nothing is 100%.

- I was supposed to do 30min easy bike ride. Original plan was to ride to Coldstone Cremery. I have "One week of free ice-cream" certificate and I started it last Sat. I originally wanted to start on Wed when I had a car for 5 days because I cannot really get there on a bike in this weather. But did not start until Saturday, which I regret because I can get pretty much ay size any flavor and Coldstone is awesome. And I had to do it now because the certificate is valid only until 14th of Dec. So I had ice-cream on Sat and Sun and then weather turned bad and I could not get there on bike. And also I do not really have time this week. But today weather is nice so I wanted to do my bike ride there. But we had a work event and I had to borrow a car to get there and the guy told em that he won't be at work when I come back so he told me to keep it till tomorrow. So I do not have to bike to ice-cream shop:) I am taking a car. I did the ride on a trainer.

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  1. I think if you're going to eat ice cream the rule should be you MUST ride your bike to and from the store. ;)