Friday, December 9, 2011

December 9th????

Can you believe that it is already 9th of December???? I cannot! Time flies. I am out of here in 3 weeks. My future is still one big unknown and I do not have a flight booked yet but I am out of here nevertheless.

I did a swim on Wednesday (I usually do not swim on Wed) and I started my 100s when a guy in a lane next to me asked me whether he could join me and try to keep up. Sure, why not. I never swim with people so it might a nice change. I swap few times with people in LA but I had no idea what I was doing back then so it was different.
It was nice to have competition:) I was supposed to go fast so I did not have to constrain myself. He hanged on for around 70yards but then he started fading but I still did not want him to catch me so I pushed. Well, I did not go very fast (1:24s) but I think that I went faster than I would have gone had I been alone. He did all 8 with me.

Do you know someone in Detroit area looking for a bike? I need to sell mine asap! I wanted to sell it before, then when the job offer cam I had no reason to sell it anymore but now I need to sell it again.

I am a bad sister. My sister wants me to come to Tulsa for Xmas, but I do not really want to go. Too much hassle. But I will probably go. But not for Xmas Eve, little after, maybe on 25th or 26th of Dec.

I might not be a very cheerfull person in general because I am actually excited that I do not have to deal with buying Xmas presents for my family. I am very glad that in my family we buy presents only for immediate family (like I buy presents only for my parents and my sister, sometimes something small for my grandparents) and now it seems that do not even have to do that. I hate buying presents. I never know what to buy and I really do not care much about getting anything either (although I am thankfully that my parents paid for LSAT as my Xmas present:)). It is funny because my sister is an opposite of me, she LOVES buying and getting presents. She also prefers spending Xmas with family and this will be her second time in a row she will not be home for Xmas. I feel bad now, I wish I have thought of that before and I could have been saving some money and bought her flight home as a present (although that little knucklehead still owes me money for a flight ticket I bought for her fiancé to go to Slovakia in summer). But on the other hand, I don’t have money to buy a flight ticket home for myself, so… and she probably does not want to go that desperately since now she has her fiancé to spend holiday with. It is all good.

I freaked out about ITB a little bit yesterday (now I know that I should have done this over 2 years ago but I have realized only recently that it is getting worse and worse) and I called a PT who has been highly recommended. I do not think that the PT I went to before was really good, because she did not do sport therapy and she was pretty young, but this one works with athletes so hopefully she can give me better advice. Maybe it is not even ITB. I think that it is ITB but there is something else going on there I think because sometimes I get this ache in a different spot and I am starting to think that that might be causing the overall problem. So I called this other PT and she told me that she does house calls. So I decided to do that. However, then she got back to me and said that she would not be able to come to my place until 20th of Dec but that she had an opening in her clinic on Sat and whether I can come. 20th is too late and the clinic is only 9 miles, we do not have that much snow, and temperatures are reasonable, thus I told her that I would come tomorrow. So I am going to pay big bucks for a consultation but as I said before, I need to solve this problem otherwise I can throw away all my running shoes and become a cyclist or something:( Which I do not want to do.


  1. Oh, such a stressful time for you. Sorry that you have to leave. But you will be back. Hopefully you will get into grad school, get that student visa, and use the time away to get a kick a$$ base fitness in all 3 sports:)