Saturday, December 3, 2011


I might kiss my law school plan good bye after today. I took LSAT. I knew that I was not going to excel due to my own stupidity and laziness. But there is really no need to bang my head against the wall now because I cannot do anything about the fact that I decided to go to law school too late and I decided to shoot for good schools too late and thus I did not have enough time to study as much as I would need to get 93+ percentile. Live and learn.
But ok, I was still confident that I can get ~85%, which is not enough for Yale or Harvard, but combined with my GPA should be good enough for some other Ivy Leagues and such.

However, I do not think that LSAT went that great today. My sister said that I was exaggerating and would still do better than most people but the thing is that doing better than most people is not enough, I needed to do better than 90% of people.
I won't know my score until the first week of January but I do not have a good feeling about it. I kind of feel that I would be lucky if I get 80% because I totally ran out of time on reading comprehension section and I completelly screwed up one "logical games" section. Really, I did like 70% of the questions and just randomly guessed the rest. There is still a 50% chance that precisely this one section is the "experimental one" and thus does not count. Man, that would be awesome. But if it is not, then I can pretty much forget about good law schools.

I am still going to apply to schools though. Stanford, UCLA and Tulsa have granted me application fee waivers so I am applying there no matter what my score is because I have nothing to loose. I am waiting for the decision about fee waivers from Cornell, UMichigan and UPenn, which based on my profile should give me waivers.
If I get them, I am going to apply. If I do not, I am going to wait till Jan to find out my score and then decide, because I cannot spend $300 on applications to schools that I have no chance to get to.
I might apply to University of Colorado no matter what my score is (they do not give fee waivers) and I will wait for my score because deciding whether I apply to Berkley (no waivers either).

Now I have this off my back at least and I can concentrate on finally redoing my thesis:)

And I am going to do another bike FTP test. I am not looking foward to it, it is going to hurt. But now I have an idea what I should shoot for so at least it will be easier mentally because it is always so much easier for me to push myself when I have a goal and can gauge mt efforts by that.

And run tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hey, standardized tests are such a crap shoot! After my licensure exam I was confident I would fail bc the questions seemed so unfamiliar. But I did very well. I have a feeling this is the case with you. And you are a smarty so do not need to study that hard:) Plus, there is also this triathlon bug...

    On a different note, I am running a mile race on 01/01/12. Any good workouts for that? I have already done 400ms 20-30 secs sub pace...THANKS!