Sunday, December 4, 2011

2 miles. You hear that?!? I ran 2 miles

Count down is over:)
It has been raining pretty much the whole day but I found a 3h window to go running without getting completely soaked.
I have decided to walk to the track. I wonder to run on a track because all grassy areas are soaked and I did not feel like biking there. So I walked, it takes me little over an hour.

I ran 800m, walked 100m, and repeated that 4 times.
Originally I was thinking about doing 1mile, later I changed my mind to 1.5mile and while I was running I decided to do 2 miles.
I was making effort not to let my knee bend inwards.

Then I did few drills (high knees, butt kicks), slaped ice on my knee (yeah, I carried ice pack with me to the track), did few stretches, little bit of massage (I carried tenis ball with me) and then walked back home.
And on my way home my hips were killing me. No hips like joints, but those muscles around. Precisely those that I work on strengthening. I have never experienced that before. Once I got home and sit down it stopped hurting.
I hope that it was because now I am actually engaging those muscles when running. That would be good.

I was also trashed. What 2 miles can do to you when you are painfully out of shape.

I still have 3h bike ride to do.... But I need few more minutes of rest.

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