Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Bad things happening.

First of all, I cannot run. I ran on Sunday, had no problem and today my ITB started to bother me a bit. I do not get it since I took 1.5 months off, ITB did not bother me at all, not at all and I do one lousy run and bang!
Ok, so I am continuing with my PT exercises and praying. Dammit!

US stopped accepting work visa petitions yesterday (or sometimes last week but laywers called yesterday), so I cannot get work visa. They are trying to figure out something else but I better sell the bike and buy a flight ticket direction Europe. Dammit!

But good new is, that I somehow persuaded NYU and University of Colorado to give me application fee waivers (Ok, I just presented clear facts). Which makes me even more stressed because I am saving over $500 on applications and I totall blew it with LSAT. Dammit!

How is your day? :)


  1. At least I will get my wish and train like a pro for next 7 months. But I'll have zero money so i'll not be able to afford anything even if I live with my parents and let them feed me.
    And I'll not be able to run of course so it will be very half-ass training:( There is no win win situation here.

  2. Oh, bummer. Did you get your LSAT scores? Can you focus on getting into any law school so that you can get a student visa?
    Bummer on most fronts, but not all! Somehow I have a feeling that all will work out in the end!

  3. I won't get LSAT until January. Yeah, I'm focusing on law school applications now, hopefully something works out. I'm sure I'll figure out something, I usually do :)