Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Peak power test

I was supposed to swim today and do the test tomorrow but weather is horrible. It is freaking cold, and raining/snowing the whole day and I do not have any dry cloths because I got soaked (and frozen) on my way to work and then from work. And although some people might say that I am a sissy, going throught that again to get to the pool just did not sound appealing to me. Maybe if I walked I would do that, but I did not have time for that because I need to study for LSAT and I need to submit one law school application tonight.
Anyway, back to my peak power test.

Michelle thought that I would love this. And she was right. I am so not an endurance/long distance athlete. I prefer shorter&hard to longer&slow.

Test went like this, 20 w/u, 6 x 30" pick-ups w/ 90" easy.
10' @ 230-240W
5' easy spin
1' ALL OUT EFFORT as hard as I can go
9' easy recovery spin
5' HAMMER as hard as I can
10' super easy relaxed recovery
1' ALL OUT effort
~10' c/d

10' @ 230-240W: P 236, C 84, HR 180 - this felt kind of hard, probably because I was pushing kind of a big gear and I am not strong enough since I cannot do any big gear work. Grrr.
1' ALL OUT EFFORT: 416, 97, 182 -I decided to start as hard as I could and hang on. Well it is 1min, how hard can that be, right? Well, it can be hard:) I started at current power 500+, then I was still at 410-415 30" in but then I pretty much died. I could hardly move my legs last 15sec, power went down to 360s in last 10" or so.
5' HAMMER 281, 84, 185 - I wanted to pace myself because 5min is not 1min:) I was at around 275-280 for the most part, and then I went 320+ in last 20", which probaby means that I had enough left at the end and that I could have pushed little bit more.
1' ALL OUT EFFORT 407, 97, 182 - Changed of strategy here. I decided to keep it more consistent. I was at around 410 but then last 15sec were brutal, again I could hardly pedal and current power went to 370s or so in last few seconds. Brutal.

So what this means?
Let's assume that I weight 150 pounds (well, do not judge, doing this test after Thanksgiving and my "One week of free ice-cream" week was not the best idea:)), then my
FTP is 3.3 (based on that test I did little over month ago. I am doing another on Saturday)
5min power 4.13
1min power 6.12
I checked Coggan's powerfile and check this out:

Makes sense, doesn't it?
Clearly, I am not a sprinter, I have never been good at running sprints or anything that involved acceleration (although I used to play volleyball. I compensated for lack of speed with my height:)) and raw power.
Treshold, meh. Not that great but not too too bad. Makes sense though because I still consider a 5k way tooooo long way to run:)
I scored the best in 5min test. Right where you would expect a miler/half-miler to be:)

I cannot say that I am satisfied. I understand that this chart is not something completely accurate/objective and that if I did the test for example outdoors or was using SRAM or Quark that I might be little better (or worse) and that chart is for cyclists and not triathletes but still. Would not it be cool to be in "Very good" category instead of more towards the bottom of the chart?
But I need to stay focused. I really do not care about 1min power. 5min power, hm, probably useful for short distances (which I plan on doing after I throw my Ironman retirement party on August 20th next year:)) The goal now is to improve that FTP number.
But I am also little satisfied because it seems that I exceeded Michelle's expectations:)

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  1. I love it that you just did this analysis for me. :)

    I hope you don't hate Ironman training because it is so long and boring and 'easy'. Well, after 4 hours on a bike maintaining power isn't always so easy! Of course when it feels too easy, just go longer. ;)

    And given that you have been riding for less than a year, I'd say those numbers are fantastic!