Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kernspintomografie (aka MRI, or MRT)

This is unbelievable! You know that I have been trying to get MRI for my knee, right? I need a referral from an orthopedist first. Easy, right? Turns out not so much.

I started looking in mid-March and after countless inquires I managed to find an orthopedist who could take me sooner than May. 

I had the appointment yesterday and the doctor was quite nice. By nice I mean he did not start with the useless advice about PT strengthening, icing, stretching, ultra sound therapy. I told him I have tried all of those, I already saw an orthopedist, got a RTG, which did not show anything wrong with my bones and I am still having these problems. So he did not even try to really diagnose the problem, we went straight to ordering MRI and then we shall see what can be done.

BUT…the earliest appointment I was able to get is June 6th! (By when I probably won’t even be here.)

Can you believe that? 6 weeks to get an appointment with a doctor, 5 weeks to get MRI appointment, then 1 week to get another appointment with the doctor so he can look at it.

That’s right! 3+ months before you start feel a pain to being diagnosed. Geez! One could die before she gets medical treatment in this country.

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