Monday, April 23, 2012


No, do not worry. Not my ITB. But if it is true that my ITB responds to the level of stress in my life then I am expecting it to flare up any minute.
My visa was denied. Not my work visa, that is still being processed but the visa that was supposed to bridge the time gap between now and the time when I am able to start working using work visa (if that gets approved, of course). Basically the visa category we applied for was not applicable in this case. Too bad that the immigration lawyers working on my case did not know that. Grrrr!
Now I do not know what will happen with me. Will they lay me off and send me home until Oct? Will the US wait for me until Oct? Will I be able to stay in Hannover?

I lead an exciting (by which I am very stressful) life, don't I?

Since my visa interview lasted 5 minutes I had a whole day in Berlin. I went to the top of Siegesaule, which was quite nice and it costs only 3Eur and then Checkpoint Charlie museum.
It is the most chaotically organized museum I have ever seen. They have info about NATO, Berlin Wall, revolutions throughout eastern Europe, escapes to West Germany stories, Picasso pictures all mixed together. Totally confusing! But I liked it (not the chaos, but the museum) and one could spend there hours and hours in you are into that stuff. I loved it as much as Les Invalides in Paris where they have WWII exhibition and where I was twice and spent 4 hours each time.
I was there for 2.5 hours and would have stayed longer but had to run to catch the bus. (And by running to catch the bus I mean running to catch the bus. S-bahn in one pace was not working and they had buses and I was late for my bus. It was an all out 3-min effort, believe me:))
I watched a movie about a family trying to escape to the west in a home-made hot air balloon. However, I had to leave so I did not see he end and do not know whether they have escaped. I should go back one day.

And I continued with my "Subway over the world review" :) I have decided to try a Subway sandwich in every country I go to. I must say that German Subway sandwiches are in pair with the US and Canadian ones. Yam!

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