Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Swimming pool

I drag myself out of the bed at 5:15 to go swimming and I was soon reminded why I HATE HATE HATE swimming in Europe and why I was so excited about finding a club to swim with. (I was less than enthusiastic to go to their practices lately and thus I did not, but after today’s reminder I will probably go soon).

I did not have a camera or phone with me so I created this little picture to show you how it looked like. And all pools in Europe are like this.

It is not a perfect reproduction of the situation since it was inside and not outside as it is in the picture and in reality there are only 4 lanes as opposed to 5 thus it was even more crowded. 

I swam around 15min a very very easy freestyle but then I could not bear the anxiety caused by worries that I will crash into one of the senior citizen and her bones will shutter. And my neck started to hurt from constant peeking above water. So I did breaststroke for a while and then finished with around 15min easy freestyle again because pool was soon closing so people were slowly leaving.
I am never again going back in the morning. Or afternoon. Or evening. Never. Waste of money and it makes me incredible anxious and frustrated.

You lucky Americans (with lane dividers, Master’s swims opportunities, people actually swimming in pools and not bathing) probably think that I am hugely exaggerating. But I swear, I am not. You cannot swim in pools in Europe!

I will take a picture next time I am close to a pool and then you will see what it is like.

Another appointment with the PT today. Everything felt good and it was not painful at all. Well, compared to the first time I went there. He told me that everything felt normal and since I did not feel much pain when he was working on me there is no need to do this every two weeks. He said that I should keep running and if everything feels off call him and we can make an appointment.
I think that even if nothing feels off I will still make an appointment with him in next 4 weeks or so, so he can loosen the leg up again. Like a prevention.
I asked him what he thinks causes the problem but he said that he honestly does not know because although my hips were little out of alignment ad everything was very tight he did not feel that anything was wrong.
That’s probably not good because then I cannot really address the problem:( Hopefully regular appointments every month or so will keep things I check.


  1. hahha! that diagram is hilarious! but sorry to hear the pool situation sucks there :(


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