Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend smashfest (two 4-hour bricks in 2 days)

We have a long weekend (Tue is a holiday and I was told to take vacation on Monday because noone will be at work anyway). So I figured that I will “organize” a little training camp for myself.

Which basically means that I did two 4hohur bricks in 2 days.

Saturday: Did 40min easy run followed by a 3h20min bike ride. I took a new route on a bike. Getting to know the region.
Weather was gorgeous! Sun and warm, just how I like it. I even got tan lines! Since I am neither a striper nor a swim suit model I do not care about how my skin and body looks like.
Ride was great. I was little thirsty by the end (I had one 1l bottle) and also quite hungry (I ate one sport bar), but other than that I felt great.
I walked quite a bit afterwards (went to check out running tracks in the neighborhoods) and  was not even sore.

Sunday: I did not want to overdo it and the plan was ~2h30min ride + 20min run. Since the ride was not supposed to be too long I did not take anything to eat (I did not have any bars left but I wanted to take apple) but thankfully I took a drink (tea with honey and lemon, yes…) because otherwise it would have been horrible.
I met one rider who asked me whether I want to ride with him. And I did and he showed me a new route (which, I do not really remember since I have no idea where we were going) and I got back home after 3h40min.
I was thinking about bagging the run because I was hungry and thirsty and I mean, there is really no need for me to do 4hour bricks, is there? But because it is me I drank some more tea with multivitamin juice, ate a slice of cheese and an apple (what a combination!) and off I went. I was not too bad. Sure I was tired but not as tired as I thought I would be.

I know that my training is totally without any structure. It reminds me of my running in France before I met PPC. I would run 20miles one week and 60 the next. I did whatever. But it is understandable. Most people train like this when they have no idea how they should train. And really, I have no idea. So I just do whatever, do not ride my bike for 2 weeks and then do two 4-hour bricks one weekend. 

Btw, this guy was really nice. He is an older guy, maybe 40 or so and he said that if I want he can show me some other biking routes. Either close to Hannover or he can take a car and we can go further. He took my email and told me he will send me an email. His kids does not bike and he usually trains alone but it is nice to have someone to ride with sometimes. 

Although it was quite embarrassing. You know my bike (rear wheel going right and left, squeaking chain, can’t shift properly, and my bottom bracket makes horrible noises and so on and so on). He told me that I either invest something into that bike or I will have to pay 150Eur for a taxi when one day I get stranded 30miles from home. I know, but I am not going to invest anything into that bike.
I do not know what I will do tomorrow, but I will probably not bike. Maybe run and surely a swim. And I want to finally visit Herrenhauser Garten.

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