Thursday, April 12, 2012

You can’t run on wet pavement

I spend two days with my grandparents last week and since my stupid ITB felt ok went running on Friday morning. It was raining over night but it was sunny although quite cold on Friday. When my grandmother saw that I put on running shoes and shorts she proceeded to tell me that it was raining and therefore streets are wet. Yes, wet pavement is a reason why you should not run.

Along with wet payment also not eating breakfast is a credible reason for not running. Or eating breakfast. Or wind. Or low temperatures. Or high temperatures. Or cold. Although my cold was quite reasonable objection. And my grandma did not forget to complain to my mom that I went running eventhough I had cold and streets were wet.

You see what I have to dealt with?

I am surprised that I have lasted this in such an environment.

My ITB is weird. I did not run a lot last week because I felt it little bit after walking quite a lot in shoes that my ITB does not seem to like. Bu then I ran 3 days in a row and most of it on pavement and no problem. I did around 25-40min in each of those runs. I was little worried what will happen and I must say that I was surprised that ITB did not flare up. Then I took 3 days off, 1 day to give the ITB a break and 2 because I am lazy.
I walked quite a lot today, trying to find a post office to mail my tax files. And I felt ITB a little bit occasionally, but then it stopped and it felt like nothing happened. I just finished a 40+min run and no problem. I swear, I am not imagining those pains!!!

Btw, I have no idea how fast (or slow) I run. I do not even wear a watch on most of my runs. I already know my 20min, 30min and 40min loops and I just do the loop and do not care whether it is I fact 19min or 23min. it does not matter. Contrary to a popular belief I am not a person who needs to know how fast or far I go. I care a lot in intervals but easy runs or rides it does not matter. I used to do all my easy runs on track in high school and I did those based on distance and had no idea how fast I was going. Then in college we did almost all runs based on time and we did not know how fast or far we went. Only when I went to business school and did all my runs in new places I bought Garmin and start using it. But now I use it very rarely, mostly during bike rides because I want to map them to see where I went. And I do not even have computer on my bike. I used to have one but I never bought a new one after I lost that on in July. But I want to know my splits during races. I think that I can push harder when I know how slow I am running. I did not have bike comp or Garmin during those 2 tris I did and I am 100% sure I would have gone faster if I had known my pace.


  1. wow does this post ever resonate... the reasons one cannot run in canada include:
    -a slight gust of wind
    -it's dark out
    -it's slippery out
    -it's dark and slippery out
    -it's dark and slippery and there might be a slight gust of wind
    -it's a month ending in the letter "r"
    -there's lots of cars

    etc. etc. etc.

  2. I can just imagine what you had to deal with when you run pregnant:)