Sunday, April 22, 2012

I am one of those

So I am officially a bad athlete. Well, worse than usual. I am one of those people who say that they want to be fast but they do not do enough for it. However, I know that this is only a temporary state of mind. I am giving myself a time-out until May 7th. Then I am back at it full force, 100% commitment. By that time I should be somehow settled in the US and have a coach to guide me. I did not go to the pool on Friday (for no reason only because I did not want to) and did not do any bike rides this weekend (again, for no credible reason). I ran ~40min on Fr, ~40min on Sat and ~60min today! 60min!!! Awesome, isn't it? And no knee pain what so ever! I think that it is time I can start working with a running coach again. I think that I might have figured out the ITB problem (at least until the next flare-up....then I will diagnose myself again). All those stretching and strengthening exercises DO NOT HELP, not one bit. I think that my ITB is stuck to my quad and they are moving together and that causes the pain. And the masochistic PT somehow managed to separate then using that plunger thing. (Note to myself, go to the hardware store and buy a small plunger for self-treatment) Ok, that is my self-diagnosis and I have not asked the PT what he thinks the problem is but I will. I am going to see him for the last time on Wednesday and I will ask for some self-massaging/ITB separation tips. Berlin tomorrow, then my parents come on Thursday or Friday, and then I am US-bound. Hopefully.

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