Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What to do, what to do?

Ok, I am this (holding my thumb and index finger 3mm apart) close to signing up for some running races in next three weeks.
I want that Erdinger beer glass and I want it badly! I have exactly 17 days to try to get it. I went to Erdinger website and found triathlon and running races in next three weeks that they are sponsoring. Then I checked the locations and eliminated those that are too far (with the exception of the one on 22nd). Then went to races websites and checked whether registration is still open and then checked the results from past years and eliminated those where first three went under 40min (resp under 19) and I got left with these races:

5k and 10k race in Wolfsburg this coming Sunday (5k at 10:20am, 10k at 1:30pm)- easy to get there, it is part of their marathon weekend so all fast runners are doing that. But it is already this Sunday I am not 100% sure my ITB can survive.

10k in Brueggen on 15th – this race is probably my best chance and would be ideal but there is no train going there so I cannot get there unless I coax someone to come with me. But who?

5k and 8k in Vienna on 22nd – 5k at 3pm, 8k at 5pm, this is little complicated, since I have to get up at 4:30am, I land in Vienna at 8am and then what would I do there for the next 6 hours till the race starts. I mean I would find something to do but I cannot expect from my parents to spend 11hours in Vienna waiting till I am done with my races. Because you see, I cannot go there alone since I will have my suitcase and my bike with me so my parents must pick me up….And at the end I would not even win that beer glass.  

(All tri races were already sold out)
 Of course in each of those races the winner was faster than I am now but then the 2nd and 3rd place were slow, which means that if no freaking fast people show up I have a chance to win and get that beer-filled glass.  And of course it is not 100% that the winner gets the glass and it is very likely that only 10k winner wins it and 5k does not. I went even as far as looking at awards ceremony pictures to see whether they have those glasses. Was not able to find any though. 

So now I do not know what to do. I know that it is not the best idea ever. More I think about it more stupid it sounds. I think that I should sleep on it some more. But I probably won’t do it. I will likely wait until I actually get to a decent running/triathlon shape and then in a few years I will make a trip to Germany/Austria and get that beer-filled glass!!! Too bad I did not start to be obssessed with that glass earlier.

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