Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend recap

80min easy bike ride followed by a running workout as part of my new resolution to become better at running of bike.
Unfortunately that running workout was a total failure. Not due to running off bike but rather due to my very poor execution. I am usually very good at executing workouts how they are supposed to be executed but sometimes even I screw up. Nobody is perfect.
It was 20min w/up, 2.5k, 1.2k, 1.2k @10k pace with 2min rest. I did this in Tiergarten as part of my resolution to become not only faster but also stronger (because apparently you do not need to be necessarily fast for longer-distance triathlons, but you need to be strong).
Geez, how I hate running in that park. Pace that feels like a jog on a track feels like a 3000m pace on those gravel, full of turns, little bumps and holes, little uphills and downhills roads. Maybe I should adjust my pace accordingly, but I am just too stubborn for that.
So I went with my pretended (I do not really know what my 10k pace is) 10k pace of 4:00-4:03. However I did that 2.5k at 3:57 pace. You see, after around 1k the road goes slightly uphill until this tiny wooden bridge (I do not like running over that bridge, it always throws me of my rhythm) and I always slow down in that section. However, I did not slow down on Saturday (maybe I am indeed becoming stronger) so I was still at around 3:57 pace there. Then the road goes flat/maybe slightly down for around 300m and I was at 3:55 pace at 2k mark. Then it is uphill and I tell you, I was falling apart in the last 300m… You see, a very bad execution, because of those stupid uphills and downhills.
I jogged 2ish min and then almost died trying to hold pace under 4:10. However, the last 200ish m is downhill so I finished the first 1.2k at 4:03 pace. But it was hard.
Then I cheated and walked for 2.5min, otherwise I would not be able to get anywhere close to 4min pace. It seems that it helped because I was able to hold 4:01 pace with less problems than 1.2k before.

I also went swimming, but it was only an easy 1000m flop.

Sunday: Went biking with my bike buddy. Our last ride together:( 4hours. It was the longest ride in like forever. Followed by an easy 300m swim:)

Regarding running in the park. I do not know whether I should adjust my paces. I kind of feel that I should not because I am not going to do any races on a track and let’s now I want to run 40min 10k on a road, therefore I should train at that pace no matter where I am. Right?

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  1. right.
    of course you'll inevitably run the uhills slightly slower and the downhills faster but it should average out to correct.
    walking wasn't cheating. that's just fine