Friday, September 28, 2012

I want to go home! (Although I do not really have "home", I just want to get out of here)


Let me tell you, the town did not make a great impression on me so far. It is pretty much what I expected it to be and my expectations were very low. Like really very low.

My "low" started yesterday when I bought a car, which was little too expensive. I mean all cars here are more expensive than cars in RI or CT (I do not know why) so I should not be too frustrated about it. However maybe if I did a better job searching maybe I could have saved me a thousand bucks or so. Maybe, I do not know for sure. So I was quite stressed about my purchase. 

My biggest fear coming here was that there will be no place to swim. I went to check out one place and it turns out that it is ok and I will likely be able to swim there. However it is almost 20miles from my town, which is quite a lot. But ok, I can do that. So after I found a place to swim I forgot about my car frustration and was doing pretty well.

But then I went to a local track to check it out. And it is horrible. I do not even know whether they will let me run there. And I am not able to find any places where I can run if I do not want to run on roads, there are no parks or trails. So now I am stressed out again because I have no place to run.

Thankfully I can but a home trainer and bike in my apartment!

OK, I need to calm down. I have been here for only two days so hopefully once I explore it little bit more I will find a good running and biking places. But I seriously doubt it. There is nothing here! And that little what is here is not nice. OK, calm down, calm down.

Can you tell I am freaked out? If it is true that my ITB flares up when I am stressed than I am in for a major flare up on Sunday after the race. Yes, I am doing the race. 

Ok, I am going to run somewhere. Then put my bike together. And then unpack.


  1. ok... ok... you said it yourself. you JUST moved there and possibly have not discovered everything the town has to offer. I remember moving into a new neighbourhood and running on a concrete (concrete!) track that was an odd shape and an odd distance for many weeks before I disovered a standard, rubber track only a few blocks from my place. There may be hidden gems... Welcome back to this side of the pond. I hope you settle in well and find many redeaming features of your new 'hood.

  2. 20 miles to the pool sounds like an awesome weekend workout! Ride, swim, ride!!

    Fwiw, tracks here suck too. Deep sand/dirt that becomes mud when it rains. Lovely!

    Good luck this weekend. Make it a goal to meet a new friend! ;)