Sunday, September 16, 2012

My highest mileage week in forever

This week was my highest mileage week since February 2011!!!
I finished this week with whooping 25 miles (give or take, I run everything except intervals by time so this is just an estimate)! Gosh, how depressing is that… Still the highest mileage in the last 18 months so I will take that. 

Today was a tempo run. But first I did an easy 80min bike ride (my last bike ride in Germany:( I mean for now, I will be back in a few years for that beer glass). Run was 70min with 20min @ 4:15. 4:15 would be easy on a track, but man was it hard in a park. I am weak as a fly! Need to start running hills and/or going to the gym. I will start in October.

Now I am off for an easy swim now and then I will shower the bike in a shower to prepare it for the move. Poor bike. Then I will not see it for the next two weeks.

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