Saturday, September 29, 2012

Racing strategy/goals

I still have not put the bike together so maybe I should not even talked about the race. But I already bought a bike helmet, a floor pump, peanut butter and 2 bottles of Powerade at Walmart a few moments ago, so I am pretty much set. I even went to the race site to ask them whether it is possible to register tomorrow morning before the race and while I was there I swam around 200m.

So yeah, I am all set to race.

Considering my non-existant training for the last 10 days (I have no biked for 2 weeks and swum for a week), move from Germany to Slovakia followed by the move to the USA and my horrible eating in the last week (if I knew that I will be able to race tomorrow I would probably skipped eating 12 donuts in the last 24 hours and would have eaten something better instead) my one and only goal is to win and have fun. Just kidding! Ok, no. I am serious. That's always the goal because that's why we do sports, right?

All the extra fat I acquired in the last week should help me to float, so I am not worried about a 1500m swim. Bike is 42miles, which is weird and long. It will take me close to 2 hours (that's one of the goals, go sub 2h) and I have not done a 2hour bike ride in forever. So that will be interesting. And run....since apparently run in triathlon depends more on bike fitness than on run fitness I am pretty much screwed. I hope I can do it under 43min.
So yes, the race should be fun!

I looked up the results from last year and either everyone in the race is painfully slow or each leg is too long. I think the former but I will let you know tomorrow. Last year winner is a local pro who was significantly faster than the others but still nothing spectacular. I hope I will not eat my words tomorrow:)

 By the way, I am going to buy this bike because I am going to try to bike to work and to pool when possible. I almost bough it today but could not fit it into my car so I will go there tomorrow and ride it home. Hopefully it does not break down immediatelly.

Wish me luck for tomorrow. I will need it.

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