Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day after (or two, who cares)

I must have done something right on Sunday because I cannot move my poor arms. I feel as if I was run over by a truck. Well, as if my arms and upper back were run over by a truck. It means that I indeed swam well (although I know that tiny little part of my pains is swimming in restricting wetsuit, to which I am not used)

Too bad I can move my legs without any problems. Means I have not worked hard enough.

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  1. this is in response to your race report. frst, congratulations. sounds like you were right where you predicted with an extra good swim. i would guess with a 41:27 10 km on the bike you are probably in about 40 minute 10 km shape. sound right?? second, OMG out of respect for me and beer lovers everywhere... when you do finally win that beer filled mug, please, find someone to drink it! don't throw it out! what a sacrilege.