Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Airport musings

Ok my friends, I made it. Not 100% yet, but I am already in Canada and already went through the US customs and immigration so all is good and am allowed to work and stay until August 2015.
I have 2+ hours time to chill at the airport in Toronto so I thought that I would share some interesting happenings from last few days.

I am starting my first real job on Monday. Wow. I guess that it is a big step into adulthood, right? Wish me luck.

With the amount of food I ate in the last 4 days I would put any Kona-bound athlete in shame. And I am not kidding. That happens when you are home for four days and nobody (including me) knows when I will see my fam next. Will be at least a year and a half. So my grandma cooked all my favorite meals and I kept stuffing myself nonstop Sat to Tue. Most of it was good food, but even eating 20 pounds of home grown grapes in three days is not that great for you.

I did a tempo run on Tuesday and it was horrible! It was 2x 10min at 4:10ish pace with 2min rest and I had hard time keeping it. First ten were at 4:08 and the second at 4:11 pace. I know that it was because of all the food I had been eating before. It was just awful how bad I felt. Plus I wonder how much a person can put on in 4 days.

I fell into a small river when crossing it on a motorbike on Saturday. My dad said that he did not trust me taking him over so he waited for me while I explored the other bank. I was ok going out but when I was going back I was in a too high gear and the engine died on me in the middle. When we got home my mom yelled at both of us, of course. She always thinks that I should be kept locked in days prior to going somewhere so I do not break something. However, I do not think that it would be a problem to fly with a broken leg so we always fight about it:) And by the way, I have not broken any bones yet so I do not understand where she gets that idea.

Hungarians are not as easily tricked as Germans and I had to pay for my bike to take it with me on a plane. I paid only 33 000 hungarian forints though, which is around 150USD, so it is still less than I thought they would charge me. Plus I packed that bike bag completely full with clothes so it was worth it.

I still do not know whether I am going to do a race on Sunday. I probably will. You know, no pressure, just win and have fun:)

I might be slightly sleep deprived. I slept for two hours from Fr to Sat, then 8-9h for three nights, 3 hours Tue to Wed and now the Transatlantic flight. I will probably pass out in a car from the airport.

I watched 4 movies on a plane: Brave, Despicable me, Dark shadows and one more but I already totally forgot what it was!!! Three of them were in French and one in German, in case you were wondering.

I have 4,36 Canadian dollars, I might go buy something but you probably cannot buy anything for 4,36 at the overpriced airports.

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