Thursday, September 13, 2012

1k intervals

This post is very lame (or lamer than my post usually are), just to track my progress.

Target yesterday was 70min with 6x1k @ 5k pace with 3min jog between.
However, I had to adjust a little bit. I had a PT appointment on Wednesday, which means that I cannot run on Thursday and since I have 4 runs planned this week I had to run on Wednesday otherwise I would end up running twice two back-to-back days, which I cannot do. I was also lucky enough to be in a metro that crashed into a car on Tuesday and I had to walk home because everything got blocked and did not get to bed until past 11pm and the last thing I wanted to do was to sleep only 6 hours, get up at 5am and do the intervals in a park. In addition, sun does not come up until past 6am and thus a workout in a park is not possible because I would not be able to get to work on time, so I had to do the workout on a track between work and my appointment. But I had to stay at work little longer and by the time I got the track I had exactly 52minutes to finish my 70min workout…

So I scratched the warm up and cool down to get the important part in. I did warm up actually, I ran 1200m, and then straight to intervals with no stretching or strides, and my cool down was a mad dash to my appointment.
1st: 3:53, I decided to start slower because of the lack of proper warm up.
2nd, 3rd,4th, 5th, 6th: 3:50. All were 3:50. Am I a queen of consistency or what? (Although I am a queen of inconsistency when it comes to swimming.)
The first four intervals were totally weird, I do not even know how I run and finished them because I had hard time to focus. I guess that warm up does not only warm up your muscles but also prepares your brain for what’s ahead. Then the last two were finally better and I was able to focus and “feel” the pace, instead of just going through the movement.
The workout was easy. It did not feel like a jog the same way a 4min pace does, but it still felt easy. Part of it is me getting faster, part of it is 3min jog between. 3min is really long and by the end of it my body did not even remember that I have run an interval just 3min before. I guess the rest was so long because I did 6k at 5k pace, which theoretically does not make much sense.

Then a 2min shower (yes, I did the workout at the main stadium and they have showers there and nobody kicked me out so why not) and a 300m sprint to my PT appointment. I love that guy! Not romantically though. You know what I mean. Whatever he does to me always works like magic. He did not work much on my quads, hams and glutes this time but did a lot of thing with my knee cap and muscles and tendons around. It was painful and while he manipulated my knee cap I kept praying the whole time because I was worried that he might do some damage or something. It is a weird feeling to have your knee cup moved in all possible and impossible directions. But now my knee feels like new!

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