Saturday, November 5, 2011

More is better

At least it seems to be with swimming. It looks like biking 5miles 5 times a week in dark and cold to the pool is finally paying off:)

I have had 2 awesome workouts in last two days.
On Thursday I did 6x100yards @ 2min send-offs (amont other stuff of course) and I nailed all of them in 1:23-24. Ok, it was kind of brutal but I did it! And my arms still hurt from pull ups on Monday.
And yesterday (I was able to stretch my arms without excrutiating pain! Yay! Time to do more pull ups I suppose.) I did 12x100 @ 1:40 send-offs and did first half in ~1:30 and second half in ~1:26-27 and it did not even felt that hard! Just nice controlled solid effort. Am I fast or what?:) Sure, it is all relative because there are people who can hold this pace for 2.4miles whereas I can do it for few 100s but it is my improvement that counts.
So it seems that I have improved around 10sec/100 from last year. I would take that.
Sure, the improvement probably follows logarithmic function trend and I won't see such huge imptovement over the following and following and following and following...years but still. I should be able to get times down further with enough miles in a pool.

A friend took me grocery shopping today and I bought around 15 pounds of apples, 8 pounds of oranges, lot of pears and other yummy stuff. I wish I could live on apples! When I was at home I kind of used to because both of grandparents have huge gardens with all different kinds of fruit trees.


  1. More is better. You are improving nicely! FWIW, you are now faster (in the pool at least) than my athlete who swam 1:04 this morning in Florida. ;)

  2. Then we just need to work on trasfering that speed into OW swiming:)

  3. Geez, I should check read what I write before I post....I am not that dumb, I know how to spell.