Wednesday, November 9, 2011

And my dream life continues

Biking is going better. Saddle is ok, I was able to do two days in a row in aero position without any major issues. Now I just need to find biking shorts that do not have seams around that cushioning pad whatever the name of that is. What I did last time is that I just turned the shorts inside out, that way I still got the cushioning and no seams. But that’s just very weird thing to do. I hate trainer rides!
But I am making progress on smoother pedal strokes front. It was very hard at first to push/pull at the top and bottom of a stroke. But now it comes to me more naturally, thus it is easier. And I am confident that after few more rides I will be very well accustomed to this new movement.

ITB is also ok. I am doing my exercises religiously but I can tell that it is not 100%. It does not hurt but sometimes I have a very weird feeling in it. We shall see where it all leads.
You know how I said that I will start with elliptical once a week? Well, I have not. Not because I am lazy (which I kind of am but it is not the cause in this case) but because I completely forgot about it. Yes, I forgot. I have so much going on right now that if I do not concentrate on something or plan it ahead it just won't happen.

I have decided to apply to UCLA, UCSD and University of Tulsa law schools so far. UCLA and UCSD both have very good business law programs so it would be great to get in. I chose Uni of Tulsa because my sister begs me to come live nearby, plus admission is not too competitive thus maybe they will accept me and give me merit-based scholarship. LSAT is killing me. One day I do a practice test and I get 80-90%, then the other day I get less than 30%. Drives me nuts. I have always hated verbal sections of these standardized tests. I did well on SAT and GMAt because 50% of the test is math section and that saved my butt. LSAT is 75% verbal, 25% logic so it might not go as well as I am hoping it would. But I am staying positive. I really really want to go to law school but if I won’t get accepted it will not be the end of the world like it would have been if I had not got accepted to business school.

Still have not heard back about my visa sponsorship thing. They always take their time so I am used to it now but it does not make it less frustrating.

I am sleeping on a floor. Ok, not yet really, but soon I will be. That “bed” of mine is slowly but surely not functioning anymore. My “bed” is an airmatress in case you are wondering. Obviously you cannot expect an airmatress to function after 8 months of daily use. At first I needed to pump it maybe once every 2-3 weeks. Then it needed to be done every week. And for the past month or so I need to do it every single day right before I go to bed. If I do it later, I find myself on a floor in the middle of the night. Thus when I do it right before going to sleep I find myself almost sleeping on a floor in the morning. I expect that in 2-3 weeks I will be on a floor. Ok, 6-7 weeks to go, I can survive that.


  1. Hi,

    I'm a runner and saw your blog from a friend of a friend. I totally agreed with your post about triathletes:) I just wanted to comment because I'm also a lawyer and you mentioned law school. I loved law school and I'm happy with my job, but I wanted to make sure you know how bad the job market is for lawyers right now. I was lucky because I graduated the year before the market crashed, but for everyone in subsequent years, it is VERY, VERY HARD to get a job. I'm looking at moving right now so I've been looking at job ads too, and there's very little out there. Please, read some of the discussions on and maybe talk to some recent grads (the last two years) from the law schools you're interested in before you decide for sure. And if you do go to law school, go to the absolute best one you can get into and make sure you're near the top of the class and on the law review. Sorry for the unsolicited advice but if I were thinking of law school right now, I'd want someone to tell me that:)

  2. Hi Alicia,

    Thanks for the input! I will keep that in mind when time comes to make the final decision. Frankly, I have not done any search about job situation after graduation.
    It is hard to get a job for everyone right now (unless you are an engineer in Michigan...) and nobody can really predicts what how things will be in 3-4 years. Hard to plan.

    And yes, most people agreed with my evaluation of triathletes:)