Friday, November 18, 2011


Ops, I skipped a workout yesterday. I have missed planned workouts before but I always planned that ahead and rearranged my schedule so I did not really miss it, only postponed it.

But yesterday turned out to be super crazy at around 5pm. I realized that I need to go find a place that has money orders, I started to freak out about LSAT in 2 weeks and a lawyer called me that work visas are running out and she needs all required documents NOW.

I found the place that sells money orders, spend 1h studying for LSAT, almost killed my computer trying to find copies of all my past transcripts, diplomas, taxes, visas and passport scans and suddenly it was 8pm.

So I went to the pool and did a nice easy swim. Day off on Wednesday helped a lot, I was not dragging ass anymore.

Got home at 10pm and had to decide whether I am going to do PT exercises or 30min recovery ride on a bike. No way I was going to do both, I need to sleep!

So I chose PT. I believe that at this point I can get more benefit from that than from biking. And I persuaded myself that riding my bike to and from work, and to and from pool is like an easy recovery ride. But I still feel that athlete guilt and feel tempted to do that ride today. We shall see.


  1. YOU missed a workout??!? j/k. PT was the better choice last night. As was sleep. :)

  2. I hear you on the workout guilt and love your theory on the holidays!