Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day off

It is nice to come home and do nothing!
I think that I needed it because my less than spectacular bike rides in last weeks might have been caused by fatique. Probably. Also my last three swims were not that great. I was able to muster enough movement just so I do not sink and that was it.

I had big plans for today. Originally I wanted to eat pizza, watch Frasier and then do my PT exercises. So far I only ate pizza and have been watching Frasier for past 2 hours. Ok, time to do my exercises. And some other strength exercises as well. I wanted to do then often but it is not happening. I am either all over the place or too lazy. But I did few squats and lunges as part of my bike training and I am sore today. Pathetic:(

Other plan was study for LSAT today. That has not happened either. I will do few practise exercise after my home PT session.

ITB feels good. Rest is definitely helping and hopefully exercises are as well. I will see how I feel about it at the beginning of Dec and then I will decide when I start running again. Even if I decide to start it probably won't happen on Dec 1. I will start on Dec 4 because that week is going to be crazy. I need to submit one of my law school applications by Nov 30 and I am taking LSAT on Dec 3. And I know that I will do everything last minute like any good student would do.

On a different note. I got a job offer on Monday. With health benefits, 401k, visa sponsorship, relocation reimbursement. Everything. Now I am working with lawyers to put the work visa petition package together. Yes, that's exactly what I need right now. Another time consuming thing....

I know that these posts are really lame but I cannot reveal Michelle's secrets and I cannot run so I have nothing to write about.

Ok, time for PT and LSAT!

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