Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Long way to go

I did my usual PT exercises and then some other strength stuff (lunges, squats, planks) on Sunday and that left me little sore and then I did the same yesterday after my bike ride (which by the way was awesome. It must be because of that “down” biking week I had last week. Only 3 short bike rides. Well, was supposed to be 4 rides but I skipped one. Guilt is forgotten by now though.) and I was super sore this morning. My legs were dead on my bike ride to work. But they have loosened up a little bit by now but I am going to take a day off today. Day off of exercises, I am still going to swim of course.

Couple exercises and I am sore. How pathetic is that? I really need to get into this strength training routine!

Also, I think that PT exercises are working. I do not think that I bent the knee inwards as much as I used to and I am more aware of it when I am biking, walking, squating to tie my shoes….So I keep my fingers crossed that I will break this ITB spell.

On a different note, it seems that I am stuck in the US for now. I cannot leave the country until they make the decision regarding my work visa petition because lawyers are going for change of status for me, not for the whole new status. I hope it will be before the end of December. I do not know how feasible that is, I need to talk to the lawyer about it. If nothing is decided by then, then I have to stay here but I cannot continue with my current internship nor can I start a new job. But I still have to eat and sleep and it will be hard without a paycheck. Maybe I will go “visit” my sister in Tulsa.

Also my law schools applications are coming along. I still have not finalized my schools list; it will depend on my LSAT score. Because there is no point in applying to Yale if I do not get 177+, is there? Which I highly doubt will happen unless I have whole lots of luck on that test. If that happens, I am also submitting few lottery entries.

When I was at college I used to work at pie sale on Wednesday before Thanksgiving and they always gave me a pie or two (I usually got apple pie and cheesecake, yummy!) and then I ate those for the whole weekend. Those were some good times! Now I have to buy my own pie. I have had a pecan pie for the first time couple weeks ago and I liked it a lot so I think that I am going to buy one. Probably on Friday, when they go on sale:)

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