Thursday, August 23, 2012

Workout I totally asked for

I am racing two 10k's in the next few weeks and it seems that now not only PCC geared my workouts towards such longer races but she gave in to my “I am not trained to push myself out of my comfort zone and I cannot do that in a race without suffering in training first” whining.

I tell you, yesterday’s workout was challenging and definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone.
1k @ 3:50-4:00,
 1600 @ 6:20-25,
 3k @ 12:15-30,
 1600 @ 6:20-25,
 800 @ 3:05-3:10
 with (only) 2min jog between. This workout is worse than it looks on paper believe me.

1k: 3:57. The first interval is always somehow blah because although I warm-up, stretch, do strides I do not feel warmed up enough! (I need to change something in my warming up routine)

1600: 6:19. This was also ok although I would not say it felt like a jog.

3k: 12:16 (4:05, 4:08, 4:03). I made a deal with myself not to check my pace every few seconds so I checked only each kilometer. First k was spot on, then I was surprised when I saw 4:08 because I felt like I started going backwards and 4:03 was the surprise of my life because it did not feel too uncomfortable though it was definitely getting harder.

1600: 6:21 (3:15, 3:06). I knew I was going slow but not that slow and when I went through 800 in 3:15 I was not pleased. I do not remember much of the 3rd 400 but the 4th 400 was pretty hard and involved some grimacing and labored breathing because I knew I had to run hard to hit the goal time.

Then I decided to cheat and I did not jog for 2min, but I walked for 2min because I was starting to fall apart.

800: 3:02. This must have something to do with walking for 2min instead of jogging and thus being (relatively) rested because I went through 1st 400m in 1:30 and it has not even felt that hard. Neither the 2nd 400 was too hard.

Definitely pushed out my comfort zone, so that’s good. That second 1600m was the worst, probably because of only 2min jog after a 3k. I was contemplating just plugging along, and what if I miss my prescribed pace and run it in 6:27 instead of 6:25? It is a common practice in swimming and a few seconds is not such a big deal. But then I reasoned with myself that none of these prescribed times were something I could not do, all of the paces were reasonable (as opposed to my goal swimming paces) and I knew I can hit them with a little more effort and work than what I usually have to put out during run workouts. And getting out of my comfort zone was exactly the purpose of this run so I had to stick with it.

My calves were not happy with me afterwards. It is always my stupid calves! I put on compression socks for the night and even have them now and it seems that it helped because they do not bother me anymore.

Also, there is something that leaves me wondering. I did not eat a pound of Milka chocolate for breakfast yesterday and I wonder whether the workout would be easier if I did. Since I tend to have good workouts after I eat chocolate or cookies worth 2000+ calories for breakfast…

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