Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mile repeats (and Subway sandwiches)

Mile repeats used to be one of my favorite workout in fall 2010 (I do not think that I did this workout  in those three months I was able to run last year). The workout is quite easy and a confidence booster.
However yesterday these repeats were nothing like I remembered them to be. It was not hard, but neither was it easy. Well, it was easy, but not jog-easy as I remember it to be. 
It was 4x 1600 with 2min jog between. I was supposed to run somewhere between 6:28-6:40 and I went 6:27, 6:26, 6:26, 6:22 (I always do that on the last one), so almost perfect. I remember running similar pace with 1min jog last year and it felt like a jog. Maybe it has something to do with doing it in sunny and warm California at awesome UCLA track back then. But it is probably just me not being in the same running shape. Baby steps, baby steps… It felt long and now I am super scared for Sunday because 7 kilometers is a loooooong way to run. 

Speaking of Sunday, I will write a post about my race strategy later. 

I had to do this workout on a track, changing directions. There was no other way because I arrived home (Hannover) past midnight on Tuesday and did not want to get up at 5am, and had a PT appointment Wed night. I know that finishing a workout 10min before a PT massage is not the best thing ever but that guy’s biceps are like my calves so I do not think that having tighter muscles makes it any harder for him.

ITB feels great. I went to PT to make sure everything is how it is supposed to be, the guy did some adjustments and said I am good to go. He asked me whether I was going to win. I said I will try and he thought I was joking…I do not joke.

And, I almost forgot to document the most important thing about my trip to London!!! Because, you know, food is the most important thing. I continue with the quest I started last year to rank Subway sandwiches in countries I go to. I do not go to that many countries but it is still a fun thing to do. 

Here is an updated list:
1.       US (US Subway still #1)
2.       Canada (I do not really see/taste the difference between Canadian sandwich and American one but there can’t be two first places)
3.       UK (sandwich was really good. Although I wish it was warmer)
4.       Germany
5.       Slovakia
6.       France (French Subway sandwiches are horrible, blah)

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  1. awww I miss mile repeats! I think I will try them again next week...