Friday, August 3, 2012

Now we are talking

Just a quick post otherwise I forget.

2x5x400 @ 1:30ish with 60s jog btw each and 3min btw set. Doing this on a road is way harder than on a track. I went up and down 4 times with Garmin to measure the distance, then draw 2 lines in the dust to mark the beginning and the end and then tried to run the same time for each interval. It went well, I was able to negative split them, but it was hard quite.
Now, that's what I call speedwork! I think that I have lost all fast twitch muscles in the last 10 months...

I also signed up for Buffalo Springs 70.3 for next year. And got promptly scared. If anyone else told me that it was a tough course I would not take it too seriously, but since it is BatShitCrazy to told me that I believe her. But she said it is good that I am scared, that will motivate me to train. I see some logic in that:)

Ok, I have a few British pounds and a plane ticket in my pocket so I am off. London 2012 is calling.

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