Friday, August 24, 2012

What keeps me awake at night*

My swimming. I am getting slower and slower. That’s a true story. I swam 26min for a 1500m in March with CH and I swam 15min for a 800m on Tuesday (both in a lcm pool). I know there is something I am not doing right but since I do not know anything about swimming I do not know what it is. I need a coach.

The guy I have a crush on has a girlfriend. And so does his brother.

I need a coach. Can’t wait till later this year when I again start to train under a coach’s guidance. I need to find one first, of course.

My left shoulder hurts. I did not swim on Mon, Wed, Th morning, Fr… However, I figured yesterday what it is. It was caused when I sighted during the swim on Sunday. I do not do sighting right and it puts a lot of strain on my shoulder. 

I cannot wait to be back on a home trainer. I believe that trainer training is way more effective for a short-course racing that outdoor training. It also helps to have a trainer when you spend 2+ hours commuting each day and you do not have time to ride before it gets dark.

When Paula Radcliff realized that she cannot run the marathon she stepped down/or they made her to step down and gave a change to an alternate, who was beside herself to be able to participate at Olympics. Why did not Desiree Davila and Ryan Hall do the same thing? They definitely knew that cannot finish the race. Is it because there are no alternates in the US “system”?

Next Sunday. I still have not signed up for the race. It is 70Eur and I am not sure that I want to spend so much money just to get experience (because I know I cannot podium there unless I magically develop fins). On the other hand, I pay unholy amounts of money for physical therapy just so I can race, so it does not make any sense to not be willing to pay money for races afterwards. But I will be spending a lot of money in next few weeks (see below).

In one month I am moving across the Ocean to a cemetery town where I have not been before and where I know noone. It is a 2h drive from the nearest airport and I have no clue how to get from the airport to my new home (and I still have to find a place to live of course) since I cannot rent a car at the airport and drop it off in a branch in the cemetery town. 

I am scared that I will not be able to find a place to swim around the cemetery town.

*Not really. I sleep well and do not bother my brain by such BS. Maybe except points #2, #4 and # 9.

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