Thursday, August 2, 2012

Effortless speedwork

Should speedwork be effortless? Not sure. Maybe it should not be called speedwork then. Or 1k intervals are not really speedwork. They are more like speed endurance work, if something like that exists.

Anyhow, although I am determined to stay away from track for a while to see whether it can help with my ITB I did go to track last night. I had 5x1k planned and wanted to see what pace I really can run because track does not lie (and Garmin does).

So 25min w/up, stretches, 3 strides and onto 5x1k with 2min jog and 10min c/d.
I went 3:56, 3:55, 3:53, 3:52, 3:50 effortlessly!!!. So I am thrilled about my progression.
I must tell you, I was nervous about this workout. Funny, isn’t it? 

I just love track. I love the smell of track and running in circles when sun is beating down on me. Love it! And therefore I probably run little faster than I run on roads.

However, I wonder whether it went so well because I was high jacked on sugar. I clearly remember one occasion last year when I ate cookies for lunch and I had a great workout afterwards. And today my breakfast consisted of around 1900calories (Wednesdays are my occasional crap eating days. Not proud of it but if I do it once in a while it will not kill me) coming from big Milka chocolate (yes, I ate the whole 300g chocolate for breakfast) and yoghurt and then I ate milkrice with apple compot and cinnamon sugar for lunch. So I basically had close to 2500calories in my body before noon and all of it coming from sugar. It seems that eating like this does not have any obvious negative effect on my energy levels and I am still ready to bounce off the walls 12 hours later and do not experience any sugar level crashes like some people do.
Although I felt like a shit this morning in a pool so maybe it indeed affected my negatively. But most of my swims in the last 4 weeks felt like this so I do not believe that eating refined sugar for breakfast, lunch and dinner was the reason for today’s blow-up.
I think that for my next race I am going to down a huge quantity of refined sugar beforehand and see how that goes.

I stayed on a track for a little bit after I was done with my workout to check out the competition while stretching and doing some core work. H96 tri club came and did their track workout but they took incredibly looong recoveries between intervals (walking 400m plus some chit chatting) and all the men were wearing shirts anyway so I got bored and decided to go home:)

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  1. Wow, great work! And each repeat was faster, even better! I love when speedwork feels so good, but makes you wonder if you could have pushed even harder.