Sunday, October 21, 2012

Next logical step in a relationship (and Fat Tire Fest)

I have one bedroom" picture for you:

Sorry if you expected something more "juicy".
Ok, the picture does not really show my bedroom (I keep my bikes in my living room), it is an inside of my tent this weekend.
I spend a lot of time on/with my bikes and I love them dearly, so sharing a bed is a next logical step in our relationship, right? I could not leave the poor thing spending the night outside.

However it was only for one night, the second night the bike slept outside because it was so dirty that I did not even want to touch it!
Which let to this:

I cleaned the bike a little bit after last weekend's mud fest to make sure that it at least shift but after this weekend's mudfest I had to do some heavy duty cleaning because all the sprockets looked like they have been eating mud pies and I could not get the dirt out from between them.
I have a tool to remove the rear sprockets so I did that. I do not have anything to remove the front cassette so I might just buy a brush and try to do it with it (although I am pretty sure that I should clean the bottom bracket area once in a whole (esp tt bike that has not been cleaned for a year), so I might as well buy all the tools. However bb on tri bike is different from my mtb so I would need two of them...). And I need to figure out how to remove the chain because I can grown vegetables inbetween those chain links and cannot clean properly while on the bike.
I am pretty sure I can do all that but the big question is, how the heck am I going to put it all back together? It is easy to take things apart. Putting them together is a tricky part.
I also do not know whether I am supposed to lube those sprockets before I put them back on or not. And so on.
I think that I am going going to spend some quality time with bike maintenance youtube videos this week.
And I have also realized that I need to buy a house with a garage and a water hose because giving a bike a shower and doing a bike maintenance in your living room just does not sounds right.

Anyway, I will let you know whether I manage to put it all together, or whether I will have to take a bike a all parts into a bike shop so they can assemble it for me:)

Fat Tire fest was great!
I am covered with bruises and scratches because I wiped out at least seven times in less than 2 hours on Saturday into rocks, bushes, creeks, puddles. No stitches thankfully. This mountain biking is serious stuff!
Saturday morning I went for a 5-6 hour group ride however I got a flat after two hours, the guys changed it and then when they put the wheel back on it wiggled even when the wheel was fastened to the fork. It is a thru axle, not a simple quick release and it is totally weird. I did not want to continue with the wheel like that and also the tube was losing air so I took a shortcut back to our camp.
Specialized had a tent there with some demo bikes so I took my bike there but they did not know what to do with either because Specialized does not use axel like that.
I do not know whether there is a special way to tighten it or whether it is broken:( I need to do some internet research or take it to a shop that sells Giants. Grrr!
Thanfully those Specialized guys gave me one of their demo bikes to ride on!
So on Saturday afternoon I did another 2h ride on Specialized Epic with a guy from work (I did not wipe out this time. Must be because we spent way too much time walking crossing creeks (8 times total) including one time when water was up to my knees).
Then I also did an easy 1h ride alone this morning on Specialized Stumpjumper. Both of those bike were pretty neat.
It was a lot of fun, I met some new people, ate a hamburger, got some new scars. Plus I did a 70min easy run today.
So a pretty good weekend!

My body hurts. Part of it is because of all the falling of course, but I am also sore. My triceps hurt, my upper back hurts, my lower back hurts, my inner tights hurt, my shoulders hurt. Seems that mtb works the whole body, not only legs.

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