Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Getting "sunnier"

I went to a pool at the community college this morning and it seems that I can get good workouts in there. There were people but not too many and they were old and swimming slowly so they let me have my own lane:) Unfortunately one problem is the hours they are open but I will somehow figure that out. The other problem is driving 20miles each way everyday is something I do not feel great about. But it is either bagging my triathlon career or polluting the environment. And I am going to be a jerk (of course I am not the only one and one more does not make that huge of a difference but still) and just drive.

I also met aquatics coordinator of the facility who is a swimmer from Florida, trains kids now and does triathlons. She is very nice and told me she can get me in touch with some people and show me some running trails on campus. She also told me to come do a 5k race on Dec 1 that is held on campus. I will do it. 

Running still sucks. I still have not found any soft surface routes where I live. Who said that running was easy because you can run anywhere?!? I have a map of this cemetery town on which I have marked all big green areas from google satellite map and I am going to check all of those out. So far they were all cemeteries. And I have not found out whether a local HS school track can be used by public. I will go there today and see.  It seems that I will have to do my runs on roads after all and sometimes try to coordinate my run and swim together because there are trails by the pool. Way too complicated.

Biking seems ok. There are a lot of farm roads that seem to have good pavement and no traffic. Plus the company I work for has a cycling club (how funny is that). I tried to get in touch with them but have not heard back yet. Plus I asked to have an apartment on a ground floor so I do not bother my neighbors too much and am ordering a trainer so should be all set with that.

Other than that, I think that I am going to do a mountain bike race in MI in two weeks. It is an 8-hour mountain bike race but I will probably do it with some people as a team. Not that I do not think that I can ride a mountain bike for 8 hours. Of course I am not trained for anything like that but that has never stopped me, now has it?:) One team needs a member so I said I would try to help out if I can get one day off here to drive to MI. And then there is something called Fat Tire Fest weekend in three weeks 100 miles south from me and I think I will go there. It might be lonely to go down there alone, but hopefully I can make some friends there to hang out and ride with. Or, my sister wants to visit me so maybe I can trick her into coming that weekend and go down with me. Although I know she would not enjoy it and thus it will be very mean from me. And there is some kind of a different festival going on there at the same time and they have 10mile trail race and a 5k. Of course I would not do a 10 mile race, but maybe a 5k. 
Of course I need to buy a mountain bike first. 

So things are getting better! Finding my routine. Figuring out things. Meeting people.

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  1. Usually high school tracks are open for public to run on as long as you're not there while school is in session- but before or after school is typically ok! Good luck meeting new people! :)