Monday, October 29, 2012

My ideal racing weight

Since it seems that everyone is talking about taking a time off and worrying about getting fat (by the way, I do not understand one bit why weight is such a touchy topic for many women. Why are women so reluctant about revealing their weight? It is nothing you should be ashemd of and if it is something you should be ashamed of then well, there is a very high probability that it is your own fault so do something about it! ) I bought a scale yesterday (among other things including new running shoes, Nike Pegasus in case you are wondering. I have Nike somethingGlide or Glidesomething and although they seem to be good on my ITB they are not good on my feet because they give me blisters. I digress.)

So I bought a scale because I have decided that if I am going to race in Lubbock, Texas in June I better slim down because apparently bigger the person harder it is to perform well in heat.
Ok, I do realize that I might have said this already once before (that I should “reshape” myself into an endurance athlete) but now I do mean it (really!) because I have motivation. (Whether my ITB cooperates is a different story but I figured that even if I cannot run properly I can fake a half-marathon. It is not like faking a marathon in IM. Well, I know people who try to fake that as well but then it takes them 6 hours to complete. So basically I am determined to race whether my ITB wants me to or not. OR I just need to run it very very fast so ITB does not have time to flare up during the race. I digress again.)

So I bought the scale and weighted 145 pounds yesterday afternoon, which is around 65.5kg. It is kind of strange because last year this time around I weighted around 68kg and I did not live on cookies and muffins back then. Or did I? I do not remember. I have two theories why I weigh less than I expected to weight. I thought I was around 150lb. Number one is that the scale is not accurate, I bought it for $8 in Target. But it does not matter that it is not accurate as long as it is consistent over the next several months. Number two theory is that I lost a lot of cycling muscles since my biking now compared to last year is down by around 80%.

I am not really sure what an ideal racing weight for Texas would be, or for anything really, but it sure is less than 145 pounds. Maybe 130? 135? Ok, I will see how it goes and whether it is feasible. 

I am off now for another interval workout attempt. I will be back to report on it.  


  1. Oh, I think you need to focus on clean eating for health and good performance. If you do this, your body will find the 'number' for you:)

  2. That's what I am going to try and if it does not work then I might consider "more drastic" measures :)