Saturday, October 27, 2012

Goods and bads

Bads (I will start with bads to end the blog on a happy note:)):
 I ran full 62min continuously on a road including several hill intervals, with a slow recovery jog back to start. And I do not think that my ITB liked it! However I do not know whether it did not like running on a road or running downhill. I really do not want to do elimination experiment here (because if I eliminate the wrong variable it will be a problem) but it might be the only way to find out. I think that it is downhill thought. So I will start with eliminating downhill running and see how it goes.

That's it for the bads and let's move to the goods:
I finally put my tt bike on a trainer yesterday! I have not tried yet whether it functions but what could be wrong with it, right?
I put the rear sprockets back together and put the cassette on a bike yesterday! It is nice and shiny. Sure, I have not tried yet whether it shifts smoothly but will try tomorrow. I hope it does! (I might do this with my tt bike since that thing has not been properly cleaned for a year. But I wanted to test my "skills"on a mtb first:))
I have not figured out how to remove the chain. And since I used two different chain tools and it would not bulge I am starting to think that the problem is not my tools but rather, well, me:)
And I fixed my thru-axle! So I was missing a spring in it (just to clarify, it was not me who lost it!) and although it was not a conical one I figured what the heck, I will just use a conical one from my extra skewer. So I "modified" it a little bit and put it in there and it works. For now. I expect it to not work for long even with my modification though because it is not supposed to work with a spring with narrow (pointy) end. We shall see.
(And yes, I did all that in my living room...But I bought a rug to put over carpet that was in the apartment because I do not want to make that one dirty)
My sister is coming to visit me for Thanksgiving for almost a week! I have not seen her for two years! Last time we saw each other was Thanksgiving in 2010 when she came over to LA and we went to Vegas. Now we are going to go up to Chicago. I am really looking forward to seeing her.

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