Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New PT

I went to a new physical therapist/chiropracter/ART on Monday because as I said regular adjustment is vital right now to keep my ITB happy.
I would not say that I liked him but it was only my first visit so I am not going to search another one just yet. My German guy set the standard very high and now I am "spoiled" and won't settle for anything less. And I am not talking (only) about the German guy being a hot bundle of muscles (which this new one is definitelly not) but about the actual manipulation/adjustments he did!
PT watched me walk, I told him the story etc, he gave me his opinion (weak right glute is a cause for my pelvis getting out of alignment leading to shortening of my right (or it is left) leg and bang! ITB flares up. Ok, I knew all this. But he said to continue with clamps and sideway walking and foam rolling.) and then I asked him whether he was going to do some manipulation/adjustment. He said he did not want to rush it and wanted to take it easy on me during my first visit but I said that that's not what I am there for and I do not need any dillydallying around. So he adjusted my pelvis and massaged my glute and ITB. He was still taking it easy on me since no bruises or tears.
I did not feel the same relief or increased range of motion as I used to after the adjustments from GG and I was even able to run 65min today without any pain.
But as I said I will go there again and see whether the second session would be better than the first one. It is over 30miles though so I am really going to continue this only if I think that it will be indeed beneficial.

So I am back to doing those stupid strengthening exercises that I believe are not as effective as it is claimed they are. And I am foam rolling, but I did that even before. Now the only problem is that my biggest cut and bruise from mountain biking is right on ITB and it hurts like hell when the roller goes through it.

I have figured out what's wrong with that axle on my mtb. When we took the "skewer" apart (which by the way you are not supposed to do with thru-axle) we lost a spring that was inside. So that's the problem. I need to buy one somewhere.
I also bought a chain tool but a $5 tool from Walmart sucks so I am throwing it away and getting a better one to remove that chain.
And I am too weak to loosen the front cassette so I am not sure how I am going to clean it because I really cannot clean it properly when it is on a bike. Maybe wait a month or so and see whether my visits to the gym will help.
Speaking of a gym, I went only once so far but now that I am figuring my work schedule and getting into a routine I am going to go regularly.
I need new running shoes but the closest store is almost an hour drive so I need to plan this carefully and take care of multiple things while I am in a city. Joys of living in the Southern Illinois cornfields!

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