Thursday, October 4, 2012

Another life update

Just in case my 1.5 readers are interested how things are coming along since I have been here for 7 days now!

I pretty much swim every day (still feeling little uncomfortable about depleting our natural resources and polluting the planet for a very selfish reasons but I guess that the guilt feeling will go away eventually). I still have not got into a routine, because I still do not have a routine at work so I go there at all different weird times and so far everytime I go there is very few people there which is great. I am sure that it has something to do with the fact that the pool is in a town with population of 2400.
Swimming in 25 yard pool again is strange. I got used to 50m pool and now my flip turns are awful because the distance between the wall and the end of the line is different (right?) and I flip either too late or too early. And everything seems too long and I am losing count. And my times are awful. My endurance is probably better from all those 15+k weeks but speed is slacking.  
Yesterday after a swim I went running. There are very nice trails through the woods around the Rend Lake near the pool. I will probably try to combine swim/runs together to be able to run on those trails. Next time I go I will take Garmin with me so I can download it to a map and see where I was because I have no idea. However firstly I should probably find out whether it is safe to run there. I do not want to get jumped on.
I still have not found out whether the local HS track is open to public. One person told me it was not, the other person said it was. Seems that I need to go there and see for myself whether I get kicked out or not.
We have a gym at work (which is the weirdest thing ever considering this is a manufacturing facility) and I am committing myself to go there! Need to start working on developing from a fly to a bull.
I will not be able to bike to work very often because I need to take a car to be able to go to pool immediately after or before work. That sucks! I was hoping to get extra biking miles in that way.
I think that I am buying a mountain bike next week. And a road bike.
I have ordered a home trainer. I cannot wait until it gets here! I am sure that my neighbors are looking forward to that too:)
This week is my off season. I really do not need an off-season physically, but mentally I do. Although, I have been in an off-season mood for the last month (living on cookies (literally!), pathetic swims, zero bike, running has been the only thing I kept up) but this week I do not feel guilty about it, and my running is on a back burner this week as well. So far I have been living on yoghurts, potatoe chips and donuts. And PPC recommended I eat some milk duds. I do not know that those are but will found out and eat some.
I have found two physical therapy facilities, one is in my cemetery town and the other one around 30miles out. I am going to check them out in the next couple weeks because I think that I need to be getting regular treatment/adjustments to stay injury free.
On a different note, I went jeans shopping on Monday. Believe it or not but the last time I went shopping for jeans was when I was in high school, so around eight years ago. And yes, I wore those jeans all through HS and college and 1st year of business school. But do not worry, it was not the only pair I had. I also have another pair that my sister (after she got a car and start driving everywhere including frequent visits to Burger King) gave me. Anyway, jeans shopping is pain. I was able to find a lot of jeans that were 4, 4 long, 6, 6 petite, 6 short, 8, 8 petite, 8 long. But what about people that cannot fit their monster quads in 4 and 8 is like being stuffed in an oversized bag and 6 is ok but looks like a mid-calf capris on me. Where the hell 6 long go? And by the way, being able to fit into 6 was a huge surprise but also a relief because when I looked at 8 I got little scared wondering whether my behind is indeed that big.  


  1. sorry but LOL at your sister's jeans. Question for you - can't you move to the town with the pool and running trails?
    I've never heard of milk duds either...

  2. Well the good news is, I'm a blog stalker who never comments so now you know that you have 2.5 readers. That's a win.

  3. do I count as the 0.5 reader bc of my inconsistency? milk duds are caramel drops of heaven covered in low quality, cheap milk chocolate. the best is when they are a bit stale and then the caramel is SUPER chewy. no, i am not being sarcastic. so tasty.

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that you feel guilty about driving to the pool. ok that sounded wrong, i mean i LOVE the fact that you think about it. every morning when i get up i face the dilemma of "wrange two small uncooperative chlidren on public transportation and be environmentally friendly and teach them good values" or "be a lazy schmuck, strap them into their car seats and contribute to global warming and pollution". sometimes the good citizen wins out and sometimes the lazy schmuck wins out.
    I always feel so gulity when the lazy schmuck wins out but I always feel so irritated when I wrangle them on public transport.

  4. My sister did not consider that thing with jeans as funny as I or some other people did. However, it did not prevent her for continue leading "American lifestyle".
    Of course I thought about moving closer to the pool and trails but that town is one traffic light, 10 houses, huge truck stop and community college. So I do not think so. But I have been here for little over a week so I am still looking around for options.

    OK, I have already googled milk duds and know what they are. Now I am going to buy some and let them stand on the kitchen counter for a few days. Is that a correct procedure?

  5. Woah... I just re-read your post (actually read it through for the first time carefully) and noticed that line about you being in high school 8 years ago. Whaaaaat? How is that possible? I know you are far younger than me but still, you were in high school only 8 years ago? You have the life experience, saavy, competancy and general got-your-shit-togetheredness of the average 45 year old... in the body of a 20 year old (with the appetite of an 18 year old boy :) ).

  6. I graduated HS and started college in 2005, so exactly 7 years ago. But primary school at home is 9 years, my HS was 5, so I was 20 when I was finishing HS.
    And of course, by that time I already managed to get lost in Venice when I was 11 (it was a school trip and they forgot me in a park, so I used my broken English to ask random people whether they know where tourist buses usually park. My teacher was pissed when I showed up at the bus all smiles, as if it was my fault that she forgot me), I roamed London museums with my cousin when we were 15 (although we forgot to make sandwiches for our bus ride home and some nice lady on a bus gave use some of hers, so that was not very responsible), I did a volunteering jobs in Germany and Austria in summers of HS (I read a newspaper article about some volunteering opportunities so I asked my parents for money and a car ride to a bus station and off I went) and then one day I came home from school and informed my parents I was going to study in the US because I have read an interview with a Slovak swimmer studying in Dallas and it sounded awesome.
    So I guess that I know my way around.
    Not sure about other stuff but I agree with the appetite-of-an-18-year-old-buy thing:)