Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend recap

Nothing special going on.

Did 1100m easy swim (just for the sake of hitting 17k for the week). I was planning on 1k but then I decided to try whether I can do 50m butterfly, and therefore I ended with 1.1k. And yes, I can do 50m fly:)

Then 3h ride. I have decided that doing only easy longish rides will not really help me to get faster so I threw in 15 or so faster intervals at 230+ watts. They were ranging from 1min to 5min, depending how far apart the little villages are, because I started the interval when I left the village and ended when I entered the next one. Most of them were 2-3min long. I really need to do intervals more often. 

Easy ride. I went with my biking buddy and we somehow ended riding for 3.5h. It was not what I had in mind because I had running intervals planned for later but it was a very easy ride. And I take back what I said when I said that I am becoming a responsible cyclist. First of all, I should have said a bike-owner, not a cyclist. And I rode in rain today and did not clean the bike. So I am not even responsible. I might clean it tomorrow if I do not forget.

Took 3h break and on to running workout. 65min with 1600 (at 10k pace), 800 (5k pace), 800, 1600.
I HATE Garmin. HATE HATE HATE it! I knew that I should have done it on a track but since it has been raining cats and dogs I expected the track to be a huge mud pit so I went to a park. But as I started the first interval I realized that clouds+trees makes for a very poor satellite connection. The plan was to go 4:20-30pace. I was running at around 4:20 pace and then 50meters alter I am at 5:05 pace. Of course there is no way I slowed down by that much! The 800 were better signal-wise but still little off. So for the first mile I ran for 6:30ish (I forgot whether I ran 6:30 or :35….) and made a mark there for a second interval. The 800s were according to Garmin 3:20 and 3:10, which is not too off but not accurate either. The same 4:20-and-then-sudenly-4:50 pace happened again for the second mile, so I ran to the trash that I ran to during the first one and ran it in 6:35. So basically the same as the first interval.
I swear, this is the last time I have used that stupid gadget for intervals!!! (well, I can still use it for intervals in an open space where I was last week but then I will running up and downhill)
I need to somehow measure some distances where I can do intervals, but how? Garmin is stupid, I do not have bike computer, using mapmyrun won’t be accurate enough. 

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  1. is extremely accurate. as proof, you can use it to map a 400 m track and you will get 400 m, to the meter. try it out.